My Favourite Christmas Traditions

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Debenhams who asked if I wanted to be part of their Christmas 2018 campaign. I love Christmas and Debenhams so I was super excited and said yes! I got some Christmassy goodies from Debenhams which I love and I’ll share what I got at the end of the post.

It feels a little odd to be writing a post about Christmas in October but I did have Santa socks on yesterday so I guess I’m already starting to get in the mood a bit! As I mentioned above, I love Christmas and we have a few traditions in our house that we’ve had since I was young so I’m super excited to share those with you now!

Favourite Christmas Traditions. A Picture of my Christmas tree.

My Favourite Christmas Traditions

Since my brother and I were little, we’ve had an advent calendar that hangs on the back of the door in the living room. The calendar is full of Christmassy things and you pull one out every day and stick it onto Santa’s sack. Every single year we fight over who gets to do the even numbers. I always want to do it because I’m strange and I like even numbers better than odd numbers and on day 24 you get the little Santa figure to stick on the sack. My brother wants to do it because his birthday is the 12th of December and he wants to do it on his birthday, which I guess is understandable. I love the advent calendar and one of my favourite things to do is rearrange the figures for the different days so that I get the good ones like the star and the presents and not the rubbish ones like a candle or a ball. Nobody knows I do this but if I get stuck with the odd numbers, you can guarantee I’ll at least be getting the good stuff to stick on!

The next of my favourite Christmas traditions again involves my brother. Every year, either on Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning we exchange presents. If we have more than one present to give each other, we’ll do one on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas morning. He usually wakes up before me and I hear him wandering around probably trying to work out how to wake everyone subtly at 6am. When I hear him, I call him up to my room to exchange our presents. We don’t get on most of the time so I really enjoy these kinds of moments with him where we’re not fighting and we just have a nice time together.

Another of my favourite Christmas traditions is sitting down with my family for Christmas dinner. It’s my absolute favourite meal, my second favourite is a Sunday dinner but Christmas dinner is so much better because you get stuffing, turkey and my absolute favourite thing, pigs in blankets! Funny story, I actually had pigs in blankets on my birthday last year because I love them so much! The other thing I love about Christmas dinner is the crackers with rubbish toys, hats and jokes. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

My final favourite Christmas tradition is Christmas night. My family all gathers around the telly to watch the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special. I love Strictly, it’s my favourite show, it just brings me so much joy! I usually watch it with my mam and stepdad but on Christmas day my grandparents watch it with us too. I love the Christmas special because it comes after the series has ended which always makes me feel a bit low so it’s a great little pick-me-up and brings a little bit of sparkle back just for the night.

This year, I’ll be starting a few new traditions with my boyfriend as it will be our first Christmas together after 5 years apart (that’s a whole other story!). We’ve decided to make a stocking for each other to go with the ‘main present’ that will be full of fun little presents. I’ve already bought the stockings because I got excited talking about it. I got some matching ones with our names on. Last Christmas wasn’t the best for me so I’m super excited to be able to share it with him this year!

2 red christmas stockings with white fur trim on the top. One with Emma written on it and the other with Callum.

So, as promised, I’m going to show you all my lovely goodies from Debenhams. I really love everything I’ve got and it really put me in a Christmassy mood when I opened the package! I was sent these two advent calendars, a Reese’s one which has been stolen by my boyfriend and a lovely Clarins one which I’ll probably be saving until December to open. I have read what’s in the calendar though and I’m super excited to open it! Debenhams has a lovely range of Beauty advent calendars (including the Clarins one) over on their website so make sure you check that out!

Reese's Advent Calendar and a Clarins Advent Calendar

Along with the advent calendars, I was also sent these lovely goodies, a Christmassy candle, Baylis and Harding crackers and some nail varnish which I’ll definitely be using come December, maybe even before!

Candle, Beauty Crackers and nail varnish

I want to thank Debenhams for inviting me to be a part of their great Christmas campaign! I’ve loved sharing my favourite Christmas traditions with you and I would love to know some of yours so let me know in the comments what your Christmas traditions are!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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