Musical Theatre Songs I Play When I’m… (A Collab With Kerrie From Wheelie Stagey)

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m doing a collab with the lovely Kerrie from Wheelie Stagey who’s a fellow musicals fan! I’m super excited to be working with Kerrie because I love her blog and her love of musicals! While we were discussing ideas, Kerrie came up with the idea of creating a list called Musical Theatre Songs I Play When I’m… which will cover different emotions and we share the songs we play when we feel those emotions. I loved the idea and thought it was something a bit different so, let’s get to it!

Songs I Play When I’m…


Let It Go – Frozen The Broadway Musical

Let It Go is my favourite song of all time, I love it so much so I really listen to it in every mood but particularly when I’m happy because it just makes me even more happy than I already am. I really love the version by Caissie Levy and I love watching the performance of the song in full costume from the show because it’s just magical! (see the link above, it will blow you away!)


Hakuna Matata – Lion King

I love Hakuna Matata, it comes from The Lion King which I’ve seen 3 times and it also happens to be one of my favourite Disney films. It’s a song that always makes me smile and never fails to cheer me up when I’m feeling sad. Timon and Pumbaa are definitely one of the most loveable characters of all time which is probably part of the reason this is such a well-loved song!


World Burn – Mean Girls The Musical

This has to be the ultimate angry song of all time. This song comes in the point in the show where Regina finds out Cady has been messing with her and she’s out for revenge and decides to copy pages from the burn book and spread them around the school and blame Cady, Karen and Gretchen. It’s the perfect song for when you’re angry because you really do just want to see the world burn sometimes!

Feeling Romantic

Somewhere – West Side Story

I don’t often feel romantic so this was a tricky one to answer! I absolutely love this song and I didn’t really listen to the lyrics until it came to writing this post which is a strange one because I know all the words but now that I’ve properly listened to it, I’ve realised it’s a really beautiful and romantic song!

Need a Laugh

Make Em Laugh – Singin’ In The Rain

This is my favourite scene in Singin’ In The Rain (alongside Singin’ In The Rain, obviously!). I think Donald O’Connor is extremely underrated and so is this film, it just seems forgotten as it gets older and I don’t feel like many people my age have actually seen it, let alone people who are younger than me. It’s an absolute masterpiece and the film makes me laugh and so does this song. It’s just so slapstick and just brilliant!

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Need Hope

You Will Be Found – Dear Evan Hansen

I had to include this song on my list. The first time I heard it I was struggling and it just made me feel better. It’s so strange how songs seem to find you when you need them the most. The lyrics are so beautiful, they make you realise you’re not alone and there is hope. Here are my favourite lyrics for this one:

“Even when the dark comes crashing through,
when you need a friend to carry you,
and when you’re broken on the ground,
you will be found so let the sun come streaming in cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again,
lift your head and look around,
you will be found”

Need Cheering Up

The Speed Test – Thoroughly Modern Millie

This song always cheers me up because I try and sing along and by the end I just make myself laugh because of the speed of it. I get better every time and I can now make it to the end (almost) without messing up. I saw TMM last year and I was so impressed when I first heard the song, I honestly think it’s one of the hardest musical theatre songs to sing because of the speed!

Need To Be Motivated

My Shot – Hamilton

I had to include Hamilton on this list! The songs are so diverse that I could have filled the list with songs just from Hamilton. I decided to save it for this category because I find that the entire act 1 of Hamilton is super motivating but this song in particular just makes you not want to throw away your shot and to take every opportunity you’re given.

Thank you so much to Kerrie for joining me for this collab! Be sure to check out her post and fabulous blog over on Wheelie Stagey! If you enjoyed this list of Musical Theatre Songs I Play When I’m… please share it using the buttons below!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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