Guest Post: My 10 Favourite Musicals by Thoughts Of A Blue-Eyed Girl

Well, how exciting is this? My first ever guest post for another blog – and what a true honour it is for that to be over here on Em’s Blog, of which I am a huge fan!

And not only that, we are talking about something we both love hugely . . . MUSICALS!

For this inaugural collaboration, Em and I decided to take on the challenge of creating our STAGEY TOP TEN – our top ten favourite musicals ever! Now this may seem an impossible task, so to help us out, we decided we could only choose shows we have actually seen LIVE (Sorry Dear Evan Hansen and Come from Away!)

Shall we get going? 🙂

10 – Rock of Ages

10 favourite musicals

There is something about this show that really makes me smile – and its not just the epic 80s soundtrack, which I know pretty much word for word! I think it all goes back to the first time I ever saw the show in London – and it was my first introduction to some of my now favourite performers, including Simon Lipkin (AKA Comic Genius)

9 – Jersey Boys

10 favourite musicals

This is probably the one show on the list that I have seen not only the most but the only one I have seen in another country! All around the UK as well as in Las Vegas, USA – this is another show that holds so many good memories for me

8 – West Side Story

10 favourite musicals

An absolute classic that had to be on my list somewhere! Everything about it is just divine and I can’t wait until I get the chance to see it on stage again.

7 – Hairspray

10 favourite musicals

This show has to have one of my all-time favourite soundtracks EVER! After first being introduced to the show via the film, it was such a joy to see such a hopeful show brought to the stage. And how can you not get up and dance to that finale?

6 – Memphis

10 favourite musicals

This was sadly one of those shows that closed way before its time. Not only an BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL musical but one full of joy, hope, heartbreak and unadulterated energy lead superbly by the brilliant Killian Donnelly and Beverley Knight as well as stand out performances by Jason Pennycooke, Rolan Bell, Tyrone Huntley and Rachel John.

5 – Hamilton

10 favourite musicals

Oh yes – I’ve seen it in London! I paid the ridiculous ticket price but MAN! It was worth it! After knowing the soundtrack so well, due to it being on constant repeat on my iPod, it was just so unreal to see how it all pieced together on stage – it was utter pure magic!

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4 – Sweeney Todd

10 favourite musicals

A legendary production that I’ve probably seen the most different versions of. But my huge love for this show comes from witnessing in my eyes the best thing I have ever seen in a theatre! Tooting Arts Club Pie Shop Sweeney put the gothic tale into the setting of an actual pie shop and took on a whole new level in such an immersive setting – and it still blows my mind even now when I think about it.

3 – Once

10 favourite musicals

And another “gone too soon”! This show rates so highly with me because it is so different to everything else in this Top Ten. The simplistic beauty of this show was that it was simply beautiful! The music, the cast, the setting, the story – it was just beyond perfect!

2 – Les Miserables

10 favourite musicals

The Top 2 were always going to be a close contest but in the end, it was this legendary Victor Hugo story that took the silver medal. Since I first saw this show in January 2012, it just broke and remade my heart every time I saw it! This is also a show that has introduced me to some of my all-time favourite performers, including Geronimo Rauch, Hadley Fraser and Craig Mather to name just a few.

1 – Phantom of the Opera

10 favourite musicals

It had to be, didn’t it? Having now seen this show over 35 times since my first visit in 2011, I am asked on a regular basis why I continue to go back over and over again. There is a simple answer – I’m a total sucker for an emotional heartbreaking story. I adore every element of this show from the cast, to the set, to the auditorium which totally adds to the atmosphere of the show. There is no feeling like hearing that Overture – its just spine tingling!

What are your thoughts on my choices? Agree? Disagree? It truly is the wonder of theatre that we are blessed by so many different shows to appeal to so many of us on so many different levels.

Huge thanks to Em for this collaboration – don’t forget to come over to to check out Em’s Stagey Top Ten!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Olivia’s favourite musicals! If you enjoyed this post, please share it using the buttons below! Thanks to Olivia for this guest post and for collabing with me – it’s been so fun!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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