My 10 Favourite Wicked Songs

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Recently I’ve posted my 10 favourite Mean Girls songs and my 10 favourite Frozen songs and today it’s the turn of Wicked. I saw the show back in 2014 for my 18th birthday and on Sunday I watched the bootleg and I totally forgot how incredible the show is and I actually cried at the end because I loved it so much. So, let’s get into my 10 favourite Wicked songs! As I did in my previous posts, I’ll be linking every song on this list and the links will be the titles but you can also listen to the entire soundtrack here.

1. Defying Gravity

So this absolutely had to be number one. This is one of my favourite songs of all time, it’s so powerful and I love watching it in the show because it’s such a spectacle at the end and it’s possibly the best act 1 closing number of all time.

My 10 Favourite Wicked Songs - Defying Gravity

2. What Is This Feeling?

When I first saw the show, this was one of my favourite songs because it’s quite comedic. It’s basically Elphaba and Glinda writing to their families complaining about each other because they’re forced to share a room in college. Elphaba describes Glinda perfectly. Blonde.

3. Popular

In this song, Glinda realises Elphaba isn’t as bad as she originally thought and she decides to help her become popular so she gives her a little makeover and I just think it’s a really fun entertaining song.

4. The Wizard and I

This is Elphaba’s first song in the show and what a way to showcase the incredible voice Elphaba has to have because it’s such a vocally/energy demanding song and it’s so early in the show. The song gives the audience a little look into her dream to meet the wizard of Oz and what she thinks he would be like etc.

5. For Good

This song really sums up the show for me. It’s a song about friendship and although some may say it’s a bit of an anti-climactic ending to the show after act 1 has such a strong closing number, I think it’s beautiful.

6. No Good Deed

If there was ever a song for belting, it’s this one. In this song, Elphaba tries to save Fiyero who has been taken by some guards (I think) and she’s trying to do a spell to save him. I love the power in this song and the lyrics are incredible. My favourite part is FIYEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOO.

7. As Long As You’re Mine

This is such a beautiful and haunting song sung by Elphaba and Fiyero and honestly, I just love it because it’s a really pretty song.

My 10 Favourite Wicked Songs - As Long As You're Mine

8. I’m Not That Girl

I love that Elphaba has a softer song to sing because it really shows the versatility you need to play that part. You have the big songs like The Wizard and I and Defying Gravity then a beautiful song like this one which shows how much pain Elphaba really feels and it’s just heartbreaking.

9. Wonderful

There are some great lines in this song and it’s just another one that’s quite entertaining. I don’t really have any other reason for having this song on the list other than I like the lyrics.

10. One Short Day

In this song, Elphaba finally gets to go to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard and she takes Glinda with her. This song shows the girls arriving in the city and just seeing it for the first time and how amazing it is. I feel like how they feel is how I would feel if I ever get to New York City!

Until I wrote this list, I didn’t realise how many songs Elphaba has in Wicked and how many of them I love. I guess that’s proof that Idina is QUEEN!

I hope you enjoyed this post about my favourite Wicked songs, if you did, please share it using the buttons below! What are your favourite Wicked songs? Let me know in the comments! If you have a musical you want me to do a post like this on, let me know that too! I have a few I want to do including Mamma Mia and Heathers but I’d love your suggestions! Don’t forget to check out the other posts in this series!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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My 10 Favourite Wicked Songs

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