Review: Blog Box (Edition 1)

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I’m super excited about today’s post because I’ll be reviewing the first ever edition of Blog Box! As I mentioned in this post, my lovely blogger friends, Steff and Sam (who are also mother and daughter) have teamed up to create Blog Box. I was asked by Steff and Sam if I would be an ambassador of blog box which means I get sent a free box in exchange for a review and helping them out with promoting on social media etc. I was so honoured that they thought to ask me to be an ambassador so I had to say yes because I think it’s such a great idea!

So, you may be asking what is Blog Box? Well, it’s a blogger’s subscription box filled with things to help bloggers with their blogs including planning tools, photo props and more. You can get a new box every other month and edition one is £9.50 (but currently available for £5.50 which is a bargain!). You get 5 items in every box and a discount code for a small business (valid for 2 months) which I think is a fab idea because it’s so important to support small businesses!

Blog Box Edition 1

The Packaging

I really like the packaging of the box, I think the bow is really cute and the sticker is a nice touch. The box was sent in a regular brown box like any other parcel so I was surprised to see this inside because for some reason I thought the brown box was the blog box but this was inside wrapped in bubble wrap so you know it will arrive safely.

Blog Box Packaging

Inside The Box

The items in the box are laid out nicely when you open it (not like the image below because I had already taken a couple of things out before taking the picture and I set the box up against my cupboard to take the picture so some things did move a little). At first glance, I thought the box looked really lovely and I couldn’t wait to empty it to take a closer look at everything! I really like that there are little shreddings in the box to protect the items a bit more and I think it looks nice.

Inside Blog Box

In edition one you get:

A Coconut Lane Notebook (in either a pink/marble design like mine or a palm design)

Coconut Lane notebook

Printed Quotes from Surviving Millennial

Silk Peony (pink/white)

Silk peony (pink/white)

Milk Bottle Vase With Cream Ribbon Tie

Rose Gold Confetti in a Pot

Rose Gold Confetti

My Thoughts

I also received 2 discount codes, one for Coconut Lane and Little Fudges Beauty Shop. I loved everything I got in this box but my favourite is definitely the peony. I think it’s gorgeous and pink is my favourite colour (as you can probably tell from my blog). I don’t really know what I would use the milk bottle for when it comes to my blog for pictures etc but I will definitely be using it to display the peony in my room!

Peony in a bottle vase

Although the peony is my favourite thing, I think the thing I would get the most use out of in this box is the notebook. I love stationery and I don’t think you can ever have too many notebooks so I can’t wait to start using it to plan the new musical theatre content I want to do more of on the blog!

If you enjoyed this post, please share it using the buttons below! Also, be sure to check out Blog Box and get your own while they’re on sale! If you already have your edition 1 of Blog Box, let me know what your favourite item was in the comments!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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