Kevin And Karen Dance Tour 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. On Sunday, I saw Kevin and Karen Clifton’s show, Kevin and Karen Dance and today I’ll be telling you all about it! Although I just celebrated my one-year blogiversary, this post feels like I’m coming full circle because my first ever post was all about their 2017 tour!

I absolutely adored last year’s show! I’ve seen A LOT of these dancing shows and nothing compared to the 2017 tour, it was incredible and I was worried if they could top it this year and for me, they didn’t. I’m not sure if it’s because K+K have split up now or what but there was something missing for me. They didn’t actually dance a lot together which was a big disappointment because that’s the magic, they are just amazing together and a lot of the dances were Kevin dancing then Karen dancing then Kev, then Karen it was a bit odd but it made sense for what they were trying to do.

Act One

Last year’s show was the story of how they started dancing, how they met and fell in love and ended up on Strictly and getting married. This year was more why they became dancers, their inspirations, roles they wanted to play etc. So, Karen’s inspiration was Gloria Estefan so she did a medley of her songs, then Kev’s was Michael Jackson and he did Smooth Criminal. He then went on to say nobody could beat MJ and Karen came out with two of their female dancers and then the singer started with BAYBYYYYYY and I was shook. It was BEYONCE time! It was the version of Crazy In Love from Beyonce’s tour (at least the start of the song, anyway, watch it here if you haven’t seen it, skip to about 1:03). The absolute highlight of the show for me was Kevin coming out and rapping, it was the best thing I’ve ever seen! (WHEN I SAY K, YOU SAY RAP, K-RAP, K-RAP). They then went on to discuss Elvis, Liza Minelli and Judy Garland.


Meeting Kevin after the show

Up next was one of my favourite routines of the show which was to Grace Kelly by Mika. It was the first time in the show I think that it was just Kevin and Karen on stage by themselves doing what they do best and it was beautiful. The first half ended with the audition process so they did some songs from Fame then had the audience up on stage to ‘audition’ to be either an understudy if one of the cast gets injured during the show or to become part of the cast. The person who was chosen by Kev to be part of the cast then got taken off stage and Karen came on and performed a solo to Out Here On My Own again, from Fame and it was a gorgeous dance. Act 1 ended with One from A Chorus Line and the audience member was part of that routine which was brilliant!

Act Two

Act 2 kicked off with Kevin and Karen talking about roles they wanted to play and Karen mentioned that she had always wanted to play the role of Anita from West Side Story and she got to do that on Strictly. They then went on and did Dance At The Gym and America from WSS and I was beyond excited about America because I LOVED it on Strictly and when they did it on the Strictly tour. Next was another of my favourite dances from the show which was Romeo and Juliet themed to Kissing You and it was danced by Patrick Helm and Strictly’s very own Dianne Buswell and it was the most gorgeous dance!

Meeting Dianne after the show

Another film that was discussed was Moulin Rouge and there were a few songs performed from it including Elephant Love Medley, Come What May and Roxanne. Come What May was another dance K+K danced together and it was amazing but a little odd considering the lyrics (I will love you until the end of time) and their current situation (separation/divorce). It was really nice though because it could be interpreted as they will love each other as friends. Roxanne was a special routine, they also performed it last year and it was just as good seeing it again this year.

The show ended the same way it did last year with a mega high energy routine to Shut Up And Dance. It’s the absolute best way to end a show and all shows should end this way. You just leave feeling so good and happy, it’s the best! There was one HUGE disappointment for me with the show this year which was that I was expecting a song from The Greatest Showman! I don’t know why but I was convinced that the show would either start or end with The Greatest Show. I had seen pictures of Karen in a little sparkly leotard thing and Kev in a coat like Hugh Jackman wears in the film and someone had tweeted that it was ‘the greatest show’ so I just got it into my head that the song would be in the show but sadly, it wasn’t. Even though I tweeted at Kev and Jason Gilkison (the director/choreographer) that Kev would make THE BEST greatest showman! I’m now expecting the opening routine of Strictly 2018 to start with that song.

Overall, I did think last year’s show was better, I still loved this show! I really like that they gave all of the extra dancers a moment in the show to shine and didn’t just have them there to dance around them. All of them had either a section in a dance or an entire dance which was amazing to see. Also, I don’t know what’s going on with K+K in their private life and we probably will never know the full details of what happened, I’m so glad they are able to put that aside to bring a great show to their fans. They make a few jokes about it in the show but there are also some really lovely words said by both K+K, one of which Kev tells Karen that she will always be loved which was lovely to hear and true for both of them, not just her.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about the Kevin and Karen Dance Tour, if you did, please share it using the buttons below! There are still a few dates left of the tour including Birmingham, Bristol, Blackpool, Grimsby, Llandudno, Belfast and Dublin so if you’re near any of those places, I would really recommend getting some tickets if you can! It’s a great show! If you’ve already seen the show, let me know what you thought!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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