June/July Bullet Journal How Did I Do/Set Up + Goals

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I can’t believe we’re in July already! We’ve passed the halfway point of the year and that’s just crazy to me. You may know that I usually do two bullet journal posts per month, on the last day of the month I show you how I got on with my spread and goals for that month and on the first of the month I show you my spread for that month and set new goals but I’ve decided to cut that down to one and combine them. It just made more sense to me because it’s not really worth a full post just to let you know how the spread for that month worked for me so from now on I’ll start by telling you how I got on with my spread for the past month, what worked, what didn’t etc. then I’ll go into showing you my spread for that month so without further ado, here’s a look back over my June spread and my new spread for July.

June Bullet Journal

Overall I really liked my layout for June. You may remember that last month I wanted to make sure I spend some time doing my journal every day so I included a doodle page and a self-love prompts page and I have mixed feelings about them. I did enjoy doing them for the most part but I didn’t like that I felt that I had to do it every day. I would have rathered have something that I could just do when I was in the mood to do it. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been posting my doodles daily but I forgot about them for a couple of days.

Like the doodles, I also skipped a few days of my self-love prompts but I caught up and did about 4 days worth in one go and I really enjoyed that because I was in the mood to do it and didn’t just do it because I had to.

I have decided to not include these pages in my layout for July but I may include them in August if I find that I missed them.

July Spread

I’m beyond excited to show you my spread this month, it’s my favourite so far by a mile! It’s just so cute! I have come to the conclusion that I’m not great at drawing so I decided to start choosing my themes based on washi tape. This month I used a set I got from Paperchase. While doing this spread I found that using a specific set of washi tape helped me stick to a colour theme which was so helpful to me. It’s a really simple layout I think but also really effective.

June Cover

Okay, so the writing on this page isn’t the best but I’m trying! I used the brush pens that I mentioned in this post to do this page and I quite like how it looks.


Again, for this page, I used the brush pens and a black Staedtler fineliner for the black. They are my favourite pens, I love how they write and I can’t recommend them enough! As for the brush pens, I like the title of the page but when I tried writing the days of the week it didn’t go so well. It’s tricky to write small like that with brush pens, especially when you’re not great at it like me.

Weekly Spread

For my weekly spreads, I decided to try something new because I wanted more room to write to-do lists. For these pages, I used Crayola Super Tips to colour the clouds and the Staedtler fineliner again for the black. This month I want to try and track my sleep so I wrote numbers 8-11/10 and I’ll highlight from the time I turn my laptop/tablet off to the time I wake up. I’ve decided to go from when I turn the laptop off because I never know what time I go to sleep but I do check the time I turn the laptop off.

Habit Tracker

As you can see, I’ve cut my habit tracker down again this month. As I’m bullet journalling more, I’m learning what works for me and the things I want to track which is why my habit tracker has shrunk massively since my first spread back in April. By the time I got to this page, I had given up on the brush pens so I used the Super Tips again. You can just see the last part of my weeklies in this picture and without thinking I did the black before colouring in the last cloud and it all smudged, I was devastated!

Blog/Social Media Calendar

I’m sad to say I also messed this page up massively. I wrote the days Monday – Sunday and then realised I should have done Sunday – Saturday to get the numbers to fit on the page. I had run out of the strip tipex (do you know the one I mean? That one you drag across the page and it’s dry) so I had to use a liquid one and it’s still a bit sticky in places now, a good 5 days after doing this page. The super tips didn’t come out very well on top of the tipex either sadly and I couldn’t come up with another solution. I probably should get some plain white/cream washi tape, that would fix things like this.


I decided to change up my memories page this month because there are some things I need more room for than others so I came up with this solution. I really like this washi tape but it doesn’t really go with the rest of the spread but it came in the set which is why I used it.


I did pretty well with my goals in June. My first goal was to get 130 WordPress followers and now I have 134 which I’m pleased about. My second goal was to get 1,650 followers on Twitter and at the time of writing this (29/6), I have 1,687 and I’m really happy with that figure! My final goal was to post my doodles daily to Instagram which as I’ve mentioned, I haven’t managed to do but I did catch up with my missed days so I don’t really mind.

My goals for July are:

  1. Finish reading Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman and start reading Around The World With My Ex by Maxine Morrey.
  2. Reach 1,750 Twitter followers.
  3. Schedule/draft my Blogger Love posts up to the end of August.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, please share it using the buttons below! What’s your bullet journal theme for July? I’d also love to know your goals for the month, maybe I can help you reach them! Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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