Guest Post: The Daily Routines of Successful Women

Hello, welcome back to my blog! Today Amy Mia Goldsmith is back with another post. You may remember Amy from a post a little while back entitled 5 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour of Daylight but today she’ll be telling us the daily routines of successful women so without further ado, here’s Amy’s post.

Successful women from all over the globe are a true example of dreams coming true if you work hard to make that happen, so be sure to stay with us if you want to learn more about their daily routines which helped them become what they are. Here are five of them, so check them out and enjoy!

They Stick to an Established Morning Routine That Works

The truth is that successful businesswomen often don’t have a lot of free time for themselves on a daily basis, which is exactly why they stick to an already established morning routine which works for them. Needless to say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so these ladies try not to skip it. The same goes for a quick shower right after getting up, as it can perk them up and make them feel refreshed for the upcoming day. Besides that, some of these women also love morning workouts, which are always a great option if you are an early bird.

They Always Opt For a Neutral Makeup Look With a Touch of Colour

The Daily Routines of Successful Women

Successful businesswomen are also known for their natural yet elegant makeup look which brings a touch of sophistication even to the most ordinary outfits. Picking a long-lasting foundation or a BB/CC cream in the appropriate shade plays a huge role here, as well as a brightening concealer that can erase the dark circles and contribute to a healthy and refreshed look.

Another essential makeup product is black mascara, as only one coat can help your eyes appear bigger and more awake. You can add some blush to the cheeks, too, as it will give your face a healthy and attractive look. The last touch is applying a lipstick in your favourite colour – even red and pink are fine in the business environment, especially if your outfit showcases neutral colours like black, white, or beige.

Power Dressing is Their Way of Showing Dominance

The Daily Routines of Successful Women

Another important aspect that shows successful women’s dominance is their power dressing, which is a crucial factor when it comes to their image of ladies who really mean business. The secret to their impeccable corporate looks often lies in their capsule wardrobes, which are created in order to minimize their decision-making time but still allow them to come up with fabulous clothing combos. Such wardrobes usually include basics like perfectly tailored blazers and trousers, black pencil skirts, white button-downs, trench coats in neutral colours, and quality stiletto heels. Fashion success is definitely guaranteed when it comes to matching these pieces, without any doubt!

They Gladly Embraced Healthy Lifestyle Habits

No matter how much free time they have, successful ladies always put themselves first, which means that they take proper care of their health in the first place. Embracing healthy eating habits is an absolute must if you ask them, and these women give their best to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. They also stay away from processed foods rich in empty calories and artificially added sugars
and flavours, and often opt for healthy homemade snacks they carry in their bags. Needless to say, physical activity is also a must, so they try to work out at least four times a week, if not more than that.

They Are Always Focused and Dedicated to Achieving Their Goals

The Daily Routines of Successful Women

Last but not least, successful women are always dedicated to achieving their goals – both personal and professional, which is why they are highly appreciated by their friends, family members, and co-workers. They are brave, persistent, and thorough with anything they are about to do, and that’s why they deserve respect and praise. Being completely focused is what they do to succeed, so be sure to follow this rule if you want to make that happen.

As you can see, there’s nothing tricky and unusual about the daily routines of successful women from all around the world. Working hard in order to get what they want is exactly what they do, without any fear or thinking about what might go wrong, so be sure to live by that and you’ll accomplish it, too!

Thanks to Amy for that great post! There are some great things here I’ll be adding to my daily routine. Don’t forget to check out Amy’s other post here and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter. If you enjoyed this post, please share it using the buttons below!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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