Harry Potter Room Tour

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This post is EXTREMELY overdue. You may remember back in January I did a couple of Primark hauls and got a load of Harry Potter stuff to re-decorate my room and I told you I’d show you in a post. Well, it’s finally time for that post a lot later than I actually intended. The main reason I haven’t done this before now is that I finally finished putting a couple of things up that I’ve had for a while and my room is clean so it’s the perfect time to do it! I’ll link as many things as I can find as we go along so, let’s get into it!

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I don’t really have pictures of the before but in this picture, you can see the colour my room was. It’s not a massive difference in colour, I went from this pink to a dark purple. It was a bit of a change for me because it was the first time since I’ve been choosing my own colours that I haven’t had pink on the wall but I really love the purple I have now!

Harry Potter Room Tour

Bed Area

I love this section, I think it’s so cute. My favourite parts are the lights, they have about 8 different settings and they’re so pretty when they’re on. I can’t wait until the winter comes so that I can put them on and be cosy!

Harry Potter Room Tour

The products I used in this picture are:

Harry Potter Room Tour


I’ll probably say this about every section but I love my shelves! They are filled with my collections of meerkats, snowglobes, campervans and Harry Potter. Most of the Harry Potter things either came from Primark or Geek Gear. I made the frames on the bottom shelves by just sticking coasters from Primark in the frames which I got from Ikea. They were super easy and I think they look really good!

Harry Potter Room Tour

Chest of Drawers

I’m not the biggest fan of this area, I recently got my telly fixed and this was the only place I could put it and it’s kind of ruined it all. I just feel that it doesn’t really go with the castle if that makes sense? My telly is also really far away from my bed and it’s quite high up so it’s hard to see so I’ll really have to try and find a solution to this. I got the Hogwarts puzzle from Amazon, it comes in two parts, the astronomy tower and the great hall and they just slot in together. My grandparents bought them for my for Christmas and my birthday and I loved building them so much! The clock is from Primark, the disco balls are from Lidls and I got the electric burner for my birthday last year. The chest of drawers came from Ikea and I replaced the handles with some crystal ones from eBay and I think they look so much better! Finally, I got the Dobby’s Sock Drawer sticker again, from eBay.

Harry Potter Room Tour

The Main Wall

This is my favourite part of my room, I just love everything on it!

Harry Potter Room Tour

Harry Potter Room Tour

I really love this quote because I’ve always had trouble believing in myself and having this quote just reminds me to believe a bit more. You can get it *here and it comes in a variety of colours.

Harry Potter Room Tour

The free Dobby sign came from Etsy and the two signs and the socks came from Primark.

Harry Potter Room Tour

I got the sign and the Hogwarts cork board from Primark. Most of the things on the corkboard are from Geek Gear.

My Desk

I don’t work at my desk very often but that’s mostly because it’s always full of junk. I’m really going to try and keep it tidy now because I think it’s really cute!

Harry Potter Room Tour

Shoe Area

Starting from the right, I got the little cupboard thing from B and M Bargains, it’s actually for a bathroom but I think it looks really good like this! The shoe rack I’ve had for a few years and it either came from eBay or Amazon. The Hogwarts house poster came in a GeekGear box, the Friends picture came from Friends Fest last year and the bedside cabinet (that isn’t at my bedside) I’ve had forever, it probably came from Ikea or Argos.

Harry Potter Room Tour

I hope you enjoyed looking around my (not so new) room! I’m really happy with how it turned out. If I missed out anything in this post and you want to know where it’s from, feel free to ask me in the comments!

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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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