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Blogger Love: Marie (Nonchalant Diva)

In today’s edition of Blogger Love, I will be featuring Marie from Nonchalant Diva. I ask everyone who wants to be featured in Blogger Love to answer a few questions so that we can get to know them and their blog so I’m excited for you all to get to know Marie a little better!

Blogger Love - Marie

Tell us a bit about you and your blog.

I’m 19 years old, originally from Haiti and came to the states when I was young. I’m currently working as a CNA and will be starting college next year with a Nursing major to become a Midwife. My blog is just me writing about whatever comes to my mind. I write about everything and anything, I don’t hold back or sugar coat. I can go from blogging about my opinion on an unpopular topic to blogging about my personal life experiences. I do not limit myself.

Why did you start blogging?

I started this blog because I needed an outlet to get my thoughts into place. I procrastinated on blogging for a longgg tine. I wanted to blog when I was 13 but I felt like I was kind of too young, so I just forgot about. But at 18, I finally decided to start blogging. It gives me my own platform to vent, give my opinion on any topics, talk about my personal life experiences, and meet other bloggers.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite part of blogging is the whole community itself. It’s such a different type of world that I’m glad I joined. Also, I love that I can make my blog, MINE and customize it to my liking.

What’s your least favourite thing about blogging?

My least favourite thing about blogging is how the numbers fluctuate. One day your blog might be booming then the next 3 days, you get nothing. No views, 2 likes, and 1 comment. But I remind myself that, that’s not what I’m blogging for. I’m blogging for myself and because I love it.

Tell us about your favourite blog post.

Omg, my favourite blog post! This is so hard lol, I have so many that I love but I would have to say that one of my favourite blog post that I wrote is “Don’t Get Sucked In“, where I wrote about how much people depend on social media.

Describe your blog in three words.

My blog in 3 words: Blunt. Nonchalant. Diverse.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

When I’m not blogging, I’m either working or binge watching a TV show lol.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Wings. Wings. And more Wings. I could eat chicken wings all day, every day.

What would be your perfect day?

A perfect day would definitely be a beach day. I love the beach and everything about it (except the sand getting everywhere).

What’s your top tip for getting traffic to your blog?

Be your own PROMOTER and INTERACT.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Marie through those questions. Don’t forget to check out Nonchalant Diva. If you want to follow Marie on social media, you can do so through on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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