June Bullet Journal Set Up And Goals

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! On Thursday I showed you how I got on with my May bullet journal spread and my goals for the month and today I’ll be showing you my June Bullet Journal Set Up And Goals.

Bullet Journal

Overall I was really pleased with my May setup so for June I’ve kept a lot of it the same or I’ve slightly modified something. I’ve also added a couple of things which I’m really excited about so let’s get to it! I won’t be showing you my cover for the simple reason is that it just says June! I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. I haven’t really got a theme this month. Last month I went with pink and purple with flowers but this month I’ve just done a sort of teal and gold theme and put some of my new washis to use!

Monthly View

This is something I had in my April spread but left out in my May spread because I’d replaced it with a weekly spread. I missed it last month because it was really helpful to be able to see my plans and appointments for the month on one page which is why I’ve brought it back for June.

June Bullet Journal Set Up And My Goals June Calendar

Habit Tracker

Last month I cut my habit tracker down and it really worked so I’ve kept it as it is but I’ve done it on a horizontal page which is something I wish I had done last month so I’m quite happy with the June tracker!

June Bullet Journal Set Up And My Goals Habit Tracker

Weekly Spread

I really enjoyed having the weekly spread last month so that I could set out my tasks for each day. I really like the layout I’ve got for this month but I am already regretting using so much washi tape because it’s taken some valuable space and I used an entire roll just doing these pages!

June Bullet Journal Set Up And My Goals Weekly Layout

Blog and Social Media Tracker

My blog and social media tracker is really useful for me. I use it to track the threads in my facebook group, set out my blog posts for the month and set blog-related tasks.

June Bullet Journal Set Up And My Goals Blog and Social Media Tracker

Memories Page

Last month I loved my memories page and I’ve slightly modified it because there were some boxes I didn’t really use much and I wanted more space in some of the currently… section.

June Bullet Journal Set Up And My Goals June Memories

June Doodles

I saw this idea in one of the Bullet Journal facebook groups I’m part of and I loved the idea of having something that would make me spend a little bit more time on my journal each day. I’m going to try and post daily on Instagram with the doodle of the day to join in with the hashtag so if you want to follow along with that, you can do so here.

June Bullet Journal Set Up And My Goals June Doodles Page

Self-Love Prompts

This is another thing that I think will make me spend more time on my journal. You can’t see it very clearly in the picture but there are 30 prompts to help you practice self-love which is something I don’t do enough.

June Bullet Journal Set Up And My Goals Self-Love Prompts

June Goals

I didn’t quite reach all my goals for May so I’m going to be a little more realistic this month. My goals for June are:

  1. 130 WordPress Followers – I’m currently on 117 which is a figure I’m pleased with! If you’re on WordPress and not following me yet, please do because I follow everyone back!
  2. 1,650 Twitter Followers – My goal for May was to reach 1.6k followers and at the time of writing this I’m on around 1,593 which is so close! I think this is a realistic goal whereas for May I wanted to gain 150 followers which is quite a lot!
  3. Post Daily to Instagram – As I’ve mentioned, I want to post my bullet journal doodles daily and it’s quite a commitment to post daily so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do it!

That’s it for my June Bullet Journal Set Up And Goals. I’d love to know your bullet journal themes for the month and/or your goals for June so please share them with me in the comments! If you enjoyed this post, please share it using the buttons below!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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