Bullet Journal Supplies Haul – Washi Tape, Pens and more!

Welcome back to my blog! If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know that I recently started a bullet journal. About two weeks ago I did a huge bullet journal supplies haul and today I’m so excited to show you what I got!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something using the links below I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links will be marked with a *.

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

So, I got my haul from four different places, Trago Mills, AliExpress, Amazon and CraftStash so I’ll group the items so that you can find them easier.

The first things I got in this haul was some storage cases.

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

Storage Cases: Trago Mills on the left and AliExpress on the right.

Trago Mills

In Trago, I got two storage cases which I’ve filled with my pens. I sadly wasn’t able to find a link to them and I can’t remember how much they are but I bought two of them and two packs of stickers for under £10 so they weren’t expensive.


You can get the washi tape cases here for £7.14 each. The shipping was expected to take 20-50 days and they arrived in about 8 days which I was really surprised by!


Bower Watercolour Brush Pens Set 12

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I’ve been wanting some brush pens for a while now and I’ve been hearing about Tombows but I’m not really prepared to spend that much on some pens yet so I found this alternative and I really like them! This set cost £12.90 and they’re easier than I thought they would be to use but it will take a bit of practice.


Multi-pattern Decorative Washi Tape

Overall, I really like these washis. You choose how many you want to order (I chose 10) and they send a selection. I would have liked to be able to pick the ones I like because there are a couple I probably would never use but for the most part, it’s a great selection! I forgot to get a picture of mine but you can see some of them in the case above (they’re the smaller rolls). For only £4.99, you can’t go wrong!


15 Colour Full Set – Zebra Mildliner

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I love the selection of colours in these pens! They came in 3 packs of 5 which I wasn’t expecting and they cost £15.50 so a little over £1 per pen which isn’t bad at all considering technically, you get 2 pens in 1! There’s a thicker side which looks kind of like a highlighter and then a thinner side which is better for writing properly.


Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I love pastel colours so I just had to get these highlighters. When I got them, they were down from £11(ish) to £5.60(ish) so how can you pass up that deal?



I recently discovered CraftStash when they asked me to join their affiliate programme on Awin* and I took a look on their website and fell in love with everything they had!

Good Vibes Washi Tape* – £4.39

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I love most of the tapes in this set, my favourites are definitely the glitter one, the pink one and the one with the cacti. I was sent two of these when I only ordered one and another of the sets I ordered wasn’t included in the order so I contacted CraftStash and they responded quickly and let me keep this set and sent the other one as well which I was really pleased about! The customer service was excellent!

First Edition Watercolour Washi Tapes* – £7.99

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I just love the colours on these tapes and the text! They’ll come really handy for my bullet journal!

First Edition Swans Washi Tapes* – £7.99

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

So, you know I mentioned my love of pastels earlier in the post? Well, here’s more proof. I think this set of washis is gorgeous! You can’t see in the picture but the top one says ‘hello beautiful’.

Dovecraft Bee Happy Washi Tapes* – £2.99

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I’m not as big of a fan of these in person but I love the bee happy one in the middle, it’s something I need to remember!

Papercraft Essentials Washi Tape Set Brights Glitter* – £9.99

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I love these! Anything with glitter or sparkle is right up my street!

Papercraft Essentials Washi Tape Set Multi Dots* – £10.99

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I’m pretty sure I only ordered these for the pink ones but I also really love the black and gold one!

Papercraft Essentials Washi Tape Set Multi Stripes & Chevrons* – £10.99

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

The red and white washis in this set will be really useful come Christmas time!! I love the tapes on either end too.

Papercraft Essentials Washi Tape Set Multi Pastels* – £9.99

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

Again with the pastels! I love all of these so much!

Creative Expressions Sentimentally Yours by Phill Martin* – £5.49

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

I really like having flowers in my bullet journal but I’m not the best at drawing them so I’m excited to use this stencil!

Hunkydory For the Love of Masks – A Good Book* – £3.50

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

The reason I bought this stencil was because of the corner things, they would be really pretty!

Crafters Companion Extra Strong Permanent Glue Tape Pen* – £2.99

Bullet Journal Supplies Haul

The last thing in this haul is something I’ve been wanting for a while. It works just like tip-ex but it’s double-sided tape. It’s perfect if I want to stick pictures in my bullet journal! I’ve also used it to create a background on one of my pages by sticking some coloured paper into my journal and I love how it turned out!

I hope you enjoyed this bullet journal supplies haul! If you did, please share it using the buttons below! If you decide to buy any of the things in this post, please remember to use the affiliate links, as I mentioned, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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