My Favourite Blogs

Welcome back to my blog! Today I want to do something that’s very important to me which is supporting and showing love to other bloggers. I try and do it as much as I can by reading posts, commenting, being supportive on Twitter and through my Blogger Love series but today I want to do something different. I’m going to tell you my favourite blogs so that you can go and check them out for yourselves. I love these blogs for different reasons and I’ll explain why I love each of them as I go along.

My Favourite Blogs

Social Spying is one of the first blogs I discovered after I started my own blog and it’s run by Steph, the lovely South African-Greek studying in London. Steph writes about her life experiences, university and some super unique posts that only Steph would think of like this one! One of the things that made me stick around and follow Social Spying is Steph’s style of writing, I absolutely adore it. She’s so descriptive and just a wonderful story-teller. Some of my favourite posts of Steph’s are More Than Just A Faded Old Photograph, My Life In Numbers and I Stripped Down Naked In A Bush (And Strangely Liked It) but I could easily have added a link to every post on that blog because I love it so much!

Okay, so if you’re looking for a blog with absolutely stunning pictures to die for then Hello Bexa is the place for you! I just adore the fonts she uses and the colour scheme she has because in case you haven’t noticed on my blog, I LOVE pink! I also love Bexa’s content. She writes a lot of things that I’m interested in including reviews of craft products like an anti-stress do-to-dot and ways to use social media for your blog.

One of my favourite places to go for help with blogging is Kalyn Franke. Kalyn has given me so much help and advice on her Facebook page for bloggers. I have been a member since the very beginning and Kalyn has been around from the pretty early days of my blogging journey. Kalyn has some fantastic resources for bloggers including this post on how to start a blog, some blogging tips and a fabulous course on pitching to brands. I’ve taken this course and wrote a post about it here if you’re interested in learning more. Kalyn also has a second blog called Girl Gone London where she writes about her travels and other things so you should check both of these blogs out!


The final blog on my list is a new blog called Making Life Pretty and it’s written by Jennifer. Jennifer writes about her weight-loss journey, how to start a blog as well as some recipes and more. I originally noticed Jennifer and her blog through Twitter and she’s always super supportive and all she does a lot of the time is like my tweets which means so much to me. I’m super excited to see where Jennifer’s blog goes because I love her style of writing and her posts are super helpful and informative.

Other Blogs You Should Check Out

Abigail Murray
Jenny In Neverland
Miss Jade W
Style By Deb

I’m always on the lookout to discover new blogs so if you know of any you think I should check out, please let me know in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed this little list, be sure to check out all the blogs I’ve included in this post and remember to always support bloggers and show love to them! Bloggers work super hard and don’t always get the recognition they deserve which is why I’m trying to change that as much as little old me can!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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