A Guide To Twitter For Bloggers

Recently, I made friends with a blogger in a facebook group and we got to talking and I discovered that she doesn’t understand Twitter. This shocked me because I’m so familiar with it as are most bloggers but then I started thinking… if one blogger doesn’t understand Twitter and the benefits it can have for your blog then there must be more out there, surely? That’s why I decided to write A Guide To Twitter For Bloggers. So, in this post, I’ll be explaining the basics of Twitter and how I use it to drive traffic to my blog and little tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

I’ve been on Twitter since around 2009 so almost a decade… how crazy is that?! I’ve always enjoyed twitter but since I started blogging it’s become my favourite social network. I love the little community of bloggers I have found on there and it’s a great place to go when I need help or advice with something relating to my blog. In addition to that, it’s what drives the most traffic to my blog.

Blogger's Guide To Twitter

Before I get started, I just want to say I am not a Twitter expert nor do I get a ton of traffic but of the traffic I do get, Twitter is what works best for me based on my Google Analytics.

The Basics of Twitter

So, I thought I should start by explaining the basics of Twitter. If you already use Twitter and only want to read about my tips for using it to get traffic to your blog, skip to the next section.

The Timeline/Home Screen

So, when you log in to Twitter, this is the screen you will be taken to. As you can see from the image below, I have numbered a few key areas which I’m going to explain a little.

Blogger's Guide To Twitter

1. Info/Stats

Here is where your name, handle and stats are shown. As you can see, it shows the number of tweets you have done, how many people you follow and how many people follow you.

2. Text Box

I wasn’t sure what to call this bit but it’s where you write your tweets. You can also write tweets by clicking the tweet button in the right-hand corner.

3. Trends

This is where you can see what’s trending anywhere in the world. You can put your location or choose any city.

4. Timeline

The timeline is where you can see the tweets of everyone you follow. You will also see tweets that the people you follow have retweeted as well as some ads/sponsored tweets.

5. Follow Suggestions

Like most social networks, Twitter has a section of suggested followers based on the people you already follow. I’m pretty sure they base it on the people you have recently followed because in the past, I have followed a celebrity from a TV show and then I get suggestions for other people on that same show or similar shows.

Your Profile

If you want to get to your profile, you just click your picture that’s located next to the tweet button. This opens a drop-down menu and then click profile which is at the top of the list. In the list, you can also access your settings and analytics along with other things. As above, I’ve numbered some key areas but so that I’m not repeating myself, numbers 1 – 6 can be edited by clicking the edit profile button.

Blogger's Guide To Twitter

1. Header

In your header, you can put any picture as long as it fits the dimensions. I chose to put the same banner that I have on my blog. Canva is great for making these kinds of things because they have templates for loads of things and Twitter headers are one of those things so I just re-created my blog banner in a Twitter header template so that it would fit and wouldn’t need to be stretched/shrunk etc.

2. Profile Picture

This is where you put a picture of yourself but you could also use your business/blog logo or even a picture of your pet, it’s completely up to you. Again, this is another thing that’s common among social networks.

3. Name and Handle

I quickly mentioned the name and handle above but thought it would be better to discuss them here. When you sign up to Twitter, they ask for your name and for you to come up with a username. The username (also known as a handle) has to be unique and Twitter won’t accept it if somebody has already got it. This is what other users will use to tag you in tweets. Similarly to Facebook, this is done by putting an @ before the handle but with Twitter, the @ is part of the handle. As you can see above, mine is @Strictly_Em. Your name doesn’t have to be unique for obvious reasons, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people with the same name, especially when they’re common like mine!

4. Bio

The bio is where you write a little about yourself. It can be a quote, a list of things you’re into, links, whatever you want as long as it’s 120 characters (I think). As you can see, mine contains a little bit about me like my age and location, a couple of things I like and my email address so that people can find it easily should they wish to contact me.

5. Location

The location is pretty self-explanatory but you don’t have to put your real location if you don’t want to, for example, some locations I’ve used in the past include Honeymoon Ave which is from an Ariana Grande song and Planet Strictly because of my love of Strictly.

6. Link

In the link section, you can put any link you want whether it be to another social media account like Instagram or for your blog. I would suggest having your blog link there but it’s totally up to you.

7. Pinned Tweet

The pinned tweet is a static tweet that’s on your profile until you change or remove it. It’s also one of the first things a user sees when they come onto your profile so it’s best to use it to your advantage. I’ve seen people pin a tweet where they share an achievement, a tweet talking about a giveaway they’re having and a tweet with their latest blog post. Personally, I opted to use the pinned tweet to link to my blog and other social media accounts. To pin a tweet is very simple. You just find the tweet you want to be pinned, click the little arrow on the tweet and click pin to your profile page.

(Since starting this post and taking the screenshots etc I’ve changed my pinned tweet which is why if you check now it’s different to how it is in the post)

8. Stats

As I’ve mentioned already, your stats are shown on your homepage but, they’re also on your profile but with a few extra stats too. I’ve already discussed the first three so let’s do the other three now.

Firstly, likes, this is essentially the same as liking a status on Facebook. You can like a tweet by clicking the heart icon on a tweet. While I’m discussing likes, I should probably mention retweets too. A retweet is when you republish a tweet of somebody else’s. It will show up on your timeline and the timeline of the people who follow you.

Secondly, lists. A list is something you can create yourself but you can also be added to someone else’s list. It’s basically a list of people that belong to a certain group. For example, the list I have is called ‘bloggers’ and I’ve added bloggers I like so that I can easily see what they’ve been tweeting about. I’ve only recently made my list and it has a grand total of two users on it and I actually forgot that I had made it until I wrote this post. You can also subscribe to a list somebody else has made.

Finally, moments. Honestly, I don’t fully understand moments but according to the Twitter website, “moments are curated stories showcasing the very best of what’s happening on Twitter. Our Moments guide is customized to show you current topics that are popular or relevant, so you can discover what is unfolding on Twitter in an instant” (https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/twitter-moments). The moments tab on your profile is where you can find your moments, as you can see, I have 0 so I can’t really tell you how to create a moment but I’m sure it will tell you in that link. It’s not really relevant to this post though.

Promoting Your Posts

Now that I’ve covered the basics of Twitter, I’m going to tell you how I use twitter to drive traffic to my blog. I use a couple of different methods so I’ll discuss each of them.

Use Hashtags and Retweet Accounts


Hashtags are something I haven’t mentioned in this post yet. They are what people use to find specific things relating to a topic so for example, if I were to share my post on my mental health story, I would use things like #mentalhealth and #mentalhealthawareness to promote the tweet. Then, anyone who searches #mentalhealth or #mentalhealthawareness on Twitter then every tweet with those hashtags will appear.

Retweet Accounts

On Twitter, there are people with accounts dedicated to retweeting blog posts on any topic. By tagging them in your tweet or using their hashtag, they will retweet that tweet for you. These accounts often have lots of followers so you can reach a wider audience.

I have a set of hashtags and tagged accounts I use for general blog posts which is:

#qualityblogrt #BloggersSparkle #BloggingGals #lblogger #bloggerstribe #GRLPOWR #GWBchat @sharemypost_ #RT #BEECHAT @lovingblogs @wetweetblogs

After this, I use hashtags relating to my post so for example, when I promote this post, I’ll use things like #socialmedia #howtoguide #twitter

Another hashtag I find useful is #sundayblogshare but obviously, you can only use that one on a Sunday.

Participate in Blogger Chats

Blogger chats are a great way to meet new bloggers and they’re so fun too! Basically, a blogger chat is when someone asks questions and bloggers can participate in the chat by answering the questions and chatting with other bloggers about their answers. A blogger chat usually consists of around 5-6 questions and lasts an hour. There are loads of accounts that host blogger chats as you can see from the image below.

Blogger Chat Schedule

Participate In/Host a Blogger Follow Train

Blogger follow trains are something that I try and do every week (usually on a Friday to go with my Blogger Love Showcase) but there are so many other bloggers that to it too! Basically, someone tweets that they are doing a blogger follow train and people send them their blog/social media links and then there’s just a huge thread of them. It’s a great way to get your links seen by people and you make connections too because through these you usually get some follows too! Some days when I’m a bit bored or wanting to get some views on my blog, I’ll just search ‘Blogger Follow Train’ and click latest and spend 10-15 minutes just go through the list of tweets following people and sending out a link to my blog/social media accounts and I can get quite a few views by doing that. You don’t need to spend a ton of time doing it and it’s super effective in getting views and follows!

*TIP – if you decide to host a follow train, be sure you have the time to engage with the people who send their links or there’s no point in doing it.

Tips From Other Bloggers

Keep your twitter handle the same as your blog name rather than your actual name. Makes an instant connection. –  talesfrommamaville.com

When I started blogging, I wish I knew to make the most of images within twitter and not just rely on text! I had only used it personally before using it as a blogger when tweets were all very text-based and memes/videos/images were less of a thing. I get way more engagement on visual tweets! – girlgonelondon.com/

@Cbeechat is the best retweeting account for RT’ing your posts! 😘🙌 Also, @Influencer_RT @BloggersTribe @wetweetblogs are good too! 😎😎 xoxox – sunshinesarahxo.com

I hope you found my Guide To Twitter For Bloggers useful! If you have any Twitter tips that I haven’t mentioned here, please leave them in the comments below to help other bloggers along with any blogger chats I may have missed so that I can add them to my list!

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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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2 thoughts on “A Guide To Twitter For Bloggers

  1. finlaygraceallan says:

    I really enjoyed readying this blog! I’m really fairly new to twitter so there was a lot of helpful information I didn’t know! Plus I was struggling to find blogger chats to join in! Thanks to you I now know a few 🙌🏻 x


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