World of Wizardry February 2018 Subscription Box

As you may know, over the weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday! I had a lovely day, for the most part. I was going to write a full post showing you all what I had but it turns out I only had like 4 presents then the rest was money so there’s not really much point in that. My mam took me to the cat cafe in Cardiff the day before my birthday which was part of my present then I also got a new dressing gown and a t-shirt with a sequin unicorn on the front and from my brother, I had some bath fizzers. My mam also made me a unicorn cake and it was a rainbow cake, I loved it!


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Now, on to today’s post. As you probably guessed it’s time for another World of Wizardry unboxing. I absolutely love getting these boxes! I really hoped that it would come on my birthday but it came the day before😂. So, without further ado, here’s what was in the World of Wizardry February 2018 Subscription Box.

Colouring Book

I was quite surprised this month when I opened the box because usually, the first thing I see is the yellow tissue paper but this week I was greeted with the sight of a set of colouring pages. It took up all the space on top of the box so it probably wouldn’t fit properly underneath the paper. It says in the little leaflet you get with each box that this is a colouring book but it’s actually a few pages so I don’t really know why it’s called a book…

In this set, you get Harry with his wand, Harry on Buckbeak, Nagini (I hate that one because I hate snakes), The Hogwarts crest surrounded by the house crests, Harry being chased by a dragon and the Hogwarts Express. I really like most of the pictures and I’ll probably colour them if I’m bored one day but I wouldn’t put them up like posters as the packaging suggests.

Dark Follower T-shirt

I’m not a massive fan of the t-shirts that come in these boxes, they’re all really long on me and look more like dresses and the necks are super high so I was a little disappointed when I saw there were two in this box. The first was this Dark Follower t-shirt. I don’t like the design of this t-shirt but I love the colours, I think the neon pink looks so good with the black background.

House Elf T-shirt

In the leaflet you get with each box there’s always a hint for the next month’s box and when I saw Dobby on last month’s leaflet I was so excited but I was a bit disappointed when I saw what I got. It was this t-shirt and I don’t really like it, mostly because it’s grey I think, it’s my least favourite colour and I think he looks quite sad.

House Head Boy and Girl Pins

These are my favourite items in this month’s box. They’re pins that say head boy and head girl and they’re on a yellow background because I’m a Hufflepuff. As soon as I got them I stuck them to my pin board!

House Banner

I really like this banner but because it’s bright yellow, it doesn’t really match my bedroom and even if it did match, I wouldn’t know where to put it because it’s quite big which is quite disappointing.

Recipe Cards

Since December we’ve been getting new recipe cards to add to the little file we had and I’m loving the collection of recipes so far! This month was filled chocolate frogs which came with frog moulds and pumpkin pasties. I’ll definitely have a go at the chocolate frogs one day but I’m not sure about the pasties! (Sorry, but I didn’t have a picture of this for some reason).

Framed Quibbler Print

On first glance, I loved this print but now that I’m looking at it a little closer, I’m noticing it’s not very well made. Nothing seems to fit the frame very well. There’s card behind the print that’s too small so you can see the wood in the back and the plastic doesn’t go to the edge of the frame either. I got something similar from Primark and I much prefer that one because there’s a white edging around it so it looks better. (You can see it in my last Primark haul here).

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with the World of Wizardry February 2018 Subscription Box but I’m super excited about next month because there’s going to be a wand! If you want to know what I thought of the previous boxes, you can read my posts here.

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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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