Review: Sister Act Live Choir

For Christmas, I bought my mam tickets to see the Sister Act Live Choir and on the weekend, we went with my grandparents to see the show. Today, I’m going to tell you what I thought of it.

sister act live choir stage

Before I get started, I’ll explain the show because it was quite unusual. First, four singers came out and sang a few songs to warm the audience up. After this, the choir came out and sat in the chairs you can see in the picture above and the film started on the screen. Whenever there’s a song in the film, the choir would sing and one or two of them would come forward and sing the lead.

I’ve never seen a show like this before and it did take some getting used to. They would mute the film when there was music and sing themselves so I never really knew whether I should watch the film or the performance below. It was quite impressive how they would knew exactly when to start the music so that their singing matched the singing you could see on the screen. It must have took a lot of practice and the little band they had was good. The lead singers all had incredible voices and the choir was great but I would rather watch the film by its self because I really like the choir in the film.

sister act live choir programme

Overall I did enjoy the show because I love the film and if you like the film, you’ll probably like this show too. The tickets aren’t too pricey compared to other shows at around £20 so if they are coming to a city near you I would recommend seeing the show because it’s something different. They’re still to come to Newcastle, London, Swansea, Dublin and many more (there are 18 shows left) and you can get tickets here.

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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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