Review: Flashdance The Musical

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you’re all well. If you follow me on twitter then you’ll know I had tickets for Flashdance the Musical for Christmas and on Friday the day to see the show finally came! The only reason I wanted to see Flashdance was that Joanne Clifton is in it. I absolutely adore her, I just think she’s so amazing! I saw her in Thoroughly Modern Millie last Summer and she was phenomenal! Today, I will be telling you what I thought of Flashdance the Musical.

Overall, I did enjoy Flashdance but I was a bit disappointed with the story. I found it quite boring and predictable. Since seeing the musical, I watched the film for the first time and the story was changed a little. There was a bit more focus on Alex’s friend Gloria in the musical and I found that storyline more interesting and exciting than the main story. One thing I was super disappointed with was the iconic water scene where Alex pulls the cord and water cascades over her. It looked like it had just been thrown into the show randomly because it’s iconic and needed to be there. It also looked more like it trickled on her rather than got dropped.

On to more positive things, the singing and dancing was incredible! We all know Joanne is a phenomenal ballroom dancer and this kind of dancing must have been a bit out of her comfort zone. There’s a song in the show called Maniac and one of the lines is ‘dancing like she’s never danced before’ and honestly, I don’t think Joanne has ever danced like that before but she was really wonderful. One of the highlights was obviously the end and ‘What a Feeling’ when she auditions for the dance school.

My favourite number in the entire show was I Love Rock and Roll which was performed by Demmileigh Foster. Her voice was incredible and her dancing blew me away, it was amazing!

Despite what I said about the storyline, I would highly recommend going to see Flashdance the Musical if you can! It’s a feel-good, funny show and the entire cast is just incredible! You can find all of the information about the tour here. Just a few of the places they’re coming to are Manchester, Nottingham, Brighton, Dublin, Bristol and loads more! See the trailer below:

The best part of the night for me was after the show because I got to meet Joanne for the third time. I’m a bit disappointed about the quality of the picture but I’ve already got a nice one from before so it’s okay! As I’ve mentioned, I’ve seen Jo in two shows now and both times, I’ve been super emotional at the end. After watching her on Strictly for three years and now watching her on the stage I just feel beyond proud. I know it’s a silly thing to say about someone you don’t really know in real life but I know being on the stage is a dream of hers and I’m so happy that it’s happening because she truly is amazing. She’s a phenomenal dancer, an incredible actress and she has a killer voice and there are huge things in her future, I just know it!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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