The Versatile Blogger Award

Happy February everyone! It’s my favourite month because it’s my birthday month! Now, as you may have noticed from some of my previous posts, I love doing blogger awards and tags, all that kind of stuff so I’m super excited to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award! Thank you so much to Dena for nominating me! Be sure to check out her blog here.

So, what is the Versatile Blogger Award?

Blogger awards are a fun way for bloggers to show appreciation for other bloggers and their content. Blogging is harder work than it may look like from the outside, so it means the world when we are shown in any way that we are appreciated! The Versatile Blogger Award celebrates high quality, unique, and loving content. When nominated, the blogger can choose to accept the nomination and pass it on to 15 bloggers that they believe deserve a nomination as well.

The rules to accept this award are simple:

– Thank the person who nominated you, and link their blog. There are millions of blogs out there, and somebody chose yours!

– Share 7 facts about yourself.

– Nominate 15 bloggers to keep spreading the appreciation.

7 Facts About Me:

  1. When I was a child I had the chicken pox and I scratched one off my nose and it left a scar. People often ask me if I have my nose pierced because of it.
  2. Following on from that… I have no piercings at all. Not even my ears are pierced which is super rare! I’m so afraid of needles that I just won’t have it done. People used to tell me “it’s not a needle, it’s a gun” okay, like that would make me feel better!
  3. I’m afraid of most animals but I LOVE meerkats! I’ve never properly met one but I’m obsessed with them. I have a collection of 9 meerkats which are a mixture of stuffed toys, wind up toys and one statue/figure thing. Other things I have is one of those 3d moving pictures and a cardboard cutout of a meerkat.
  4. I want to change my name. Not change it completely, just drop my surname and use my middle name instead which is James.
  5. I taught myself to ride a bike. My mam and step-dad tried teaching me by holding the seat and letting go like most parents do but I kept falling off. I got very frustrated and sulked for a bit then just said “I’M SICK OF THIS I’LL DO IT MYSELF” so I got back on the bike and rode it for the first time by myself.
  6. I don’t like hot drinks. Sometimes I will have a hot chocolate but it’s rare that I actually like it.
  7. I have an obsession with cups and water bottles. I’ve recently had a massive clearout and got rid of a few bottles but just from where I’m sitting now in my bedroom I can see 5!

I Nominate:

  1. Abigail
  2. Sophie
  3. Ri
  4. Steph
  5. Aliece
  6. Kelly
  7. April
  8. Becky
  9. Bexa
  10. Holly
  11. Ashwini
  12. Aini
  13. Asha
  14. Ruth
  15. Beth

I can’t wait to read all of your posts but if you decide not to do it, that’s completely fine! Also, I’m sorry if you’ve already been nominated.

Don’t forget it’s Blogger Love tomorrow so don’t forget to check that out!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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