Harry Potter Primark Haul #2

Recently, I’ve been busy decorating my room and making it Harry Potter themed so I needed A LOT of Harry Potter things! I bought almost everything for my new room in Primark. I’ve already shown you some in my first Harry Potter Primark haul and today I’m going to show you the rest!

Hogwarts Crest Light – £6

This was a tricky one to take a picture of and I didn’t have batteries which probably would have made the photography a little easier! I was finally able to get batteries though and it’s so good! It lights up the entire shelf that I have it displayed on.

Hogwarts Coasters – £4

In my last haul, I got the house coasters which are the colour of each of the houses with the house crest on them. I decided to make a picture with them so when I saw these I decided to make 2 pictures. You’ll be able to see them in my room tour which I’ll be posting soon!

Framed Newspaper Article – £7

Honestly, I’m not really 100% sure what this is about but it was in the Harry Potter section and I just kept filling my basket up! I would prefer if it said ‘The Daily Prophet’ but I still like it! On Saturday I put it up in my room and it looks really good.

Maurauder’s Map – £6

I love the Maurauder’s Map so I had to get this! I love that this one is magnetic and you can move the footprints around.

Lumos LightBox – £3

I’ve seen this a few times when I’ve been in Primark the last couple of times and this time I saw that it was on sale so I decided to get it. I love that it shows the movement you make with your wand when you do the spell. I didn’t even realise there was a movement with this spell, in the films I thought you just hold the wand and say ‘lumos’!

Door Hanger – £2

I love this door hanger but… I don’t have a door. I’m trying to figure out where I can put this, I have another one too but nowhere to put it.

Socks – £2.50

Now, I don’t plan to wear these socks. I’ve got a special place to display them which you’ll see soon in my room tour!

Hogwarts Express Ticket – £6

Isn’t it every Harry Potter fan’s dream to go on the Hogwarts Express? Now, I can pretend I’ve been to Hogwarts on the train!

Clock – £8

I needed a new clock that would match my new room so I was so excited when I found this one!

Hedwig Pillow – £8

Okay, so this is the softest pillow I’ve EVER felt! It’s amazing and so fluffy and snuggly and possibly my favourite things that I got in this haul!

Chalk Board – £4

I’m not sure if I’ll use this because I’m not a huge fan of chalk, it always goes through me! I thought this was so cute though which is why I bought it.

House Elf Sign – £3

I’m not the best at keeping my room clean and tidy so I got this to try and motivate myself to keep my new room organised and liveable!

Dumbledore Quote LightBox – £8

This is one of my favourite quotes from the series and it seems fitting that it’s on a light box!

Street Sign – £6

I almost bought something similar in the form of a wall sticker but I’m so glad I found this instead! It’s a lot easier than a sticker and I’ll be able to move it if I ever want to.

Character T-Shirt – £6

I’ve never seen this t-shirt before and I thought it was so cute! It’s about the only thing I bought that I won’t be displaying!

Hogwarts Cork Board – £8

I love a cork board, I already have a big one on my wall that I use but I’m going to keep this one exactly as it is. I love it!

Hogwarts Candle – £7

In the Harry Potter section, they had 4 different candles, one for each house and I didn’t really want to get them because they wouldn’t match my room. On the way to the checkouts, I saw this one and I decided to get it because it was a nice neutral colour and I love the design on the front and the lid!

That’s everything I got in Primark this time! It was a little more than I was expecting, I was literally dragging the basket along the floor to the checkout. Then, I had to carry the bag to the train which wasn’t easy! I really love the Harry Potter things they have in Primark, I spent about £95 in the shop in things I genuinely love and you could spend that on about 2 things in somewhere like the studios. I think the Primark items are better too, not just more affordable. If you missed my last Harry Potter haul, you can read that here. As I mentioned, you will be able to see everything in my new room tour very soon. I hope you enjoyed this Harry Potter Primark haul!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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