Review: The Band

For Christmas, I had tickets to see the musical, The Band and last week I went to see it. The Band is based around Take That’s music and there was a competition on TV called Let It Shine to find ‘The Band’. The winners of Let It Shine were Five to Five who were the band in the show. Today, I will be telling you my thoughts in my review of The Band.

The Story

The Band tells the story of a group of teenage girls who all share the love for a band. When a tragic accident happens, the girls all drift apart and lose contact. Jump forward 25 years and one of the girls, enters a competition to see the band’s reunion tour and she wins and asks the other girls to come with her. They reunite and go to Prague to see the show and get into a little trouble along the way.


My experience of seeing The Band started off quite eventful when three minutes in they had to stop for a while due to technical difficulties. That had no effect on the show for me, I still thoroughly enjoyed it! The Band is both very funny and very moving. It has a lovely message about friendship and how important it is.

I adored Five to Five when they were on Let It Shine, I thought they were incredible and I was so happy they won. In the interval, I was a little disappointed seeing them live, I didn’t think they were as good as they were on TV but they did get better in the interval, as did the show. It all picked up a bit in the second half and overall, I really enjoyed the show.

If you go and see The Band, you can expect to hear some of Take That’s greatest hits including Rule The World, The Flood and Back For Good, to name a few! The best thing is you don’t need to be a Take That fan to see this show. Personally, I do like Take That but I’m not a massive fan so it didn’t really make much of a difference to my enjoyment of the show. The songs are what made the show so moving in parts because they were sung in the background of the dialogue and it was really lovely. The show was very clever in that way but in some places, it did feel like the songs were just slotted in at random but mostly, it worked really well.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend everyone to go and see The Band, it’s an enjoyable night out and isn’t your typical musical. There’s something different to it but I can’t really put my finger on what that is.

If you’ve seen The Band, let me know what you thought of it, I’d love to know! If you want to read my other reviews of shows, films and products, you can find them here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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