Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour 2018

In my last Strictly Monday post of 2017, I mentioned that I would be bringing back Strictly Monday after seeing the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour 2018 so today, I’ll be telling you all about the show! Just a heads up now, there will be spoilers of which dances were performed and things that happen.

On Saturday, myself, my mam, brother and step-dad all travelled up to Birmingham from South Wales to see the Strictly tour. Well, me and my mam went to see it and my step-dad and brother went to SeaLife and wandered around Birmingham. For the last 4 years, we have been up to see the show there and it’s my favourite day of the year, I love it! This year was no exception, the couple dances were all great and the professional dances were phenomenal.

The Running Order

  1. Opening routine – Gotta Dance/Get Lucky
  2. Alexandra and Gorka – Jive to Proud Mary
  3. Susan and Kevin – Quickstep to Bring Me Sunshine
  4. Davood and Nadiya – Paso Doble to Live and Let Die
  5. Gemma and Aljaz – American Smooth to Downtown
  6. Jonnie and Oti – Jive to Johnny B. Goode
  7. Debbie and Giovanni – American Smooth to Memory
  8. Joe and Katya – Charleston to Alexander’s Ragtime Band
  9. Group Dance – Sweet Charity*
  10. Group Dance – DreamGirls
  11. Alexandra and Gorka – Quickstep to The Gold Diggers’ Song (We’re In The Money)
  12. Susan and Kevin – Samba to Wonder Woman
  13. Davood and Nadiya – Charleston to The Lambeth Walk
  14. Gemma and Aljaz – Paso Doble to Viva La Vida
  15. Jonnie and Oti – American Smooth to Cry Me a River
  16. Debbie and Giovanni – Salsa to I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
  17. Joe and Katya – Argentine Tango to Human
  18. Professional Dance – Run Boy Run
  19. Finale – La La Land

*I have linked all of the dances with the originals from the show but the Sweet Charity dance was exclusive for the tour but I recorded it and you can find it below.

My Thoughts

On the tour, the couples often aren’t as good as they are on TV, I don’t know if it’s the arena setting or because there aren’t any cameras whizzing around showcasing them but it’s just not the same. Saying that, it’s amazing to see some of the most memorable dances performed live! My favourite couples were Susan and Kevin and Joe and Katya, they both did the dances I wanted to see which was great and they were both just incredible! I was a little disappointed that Davood and Nadiya didn’t perform their American Smooth because it was one of my favourites last series BUT, they did do that lift!

One thing that was amazing to see was Joe and Katya’s Argentine Tango with that move at the end. I don’t like calling it a lift because I’m not really sure anyone gets lifted but anyway, Craig and Ore did it!

I loved the opening routine! They set it up like a premier with a red carpet and all of the pros arrived and Ore chatted to them a bit and then they burst into the routine just like they did on the red carpet in the Launch show.

I was most excited to see Run Boy Run because it was one of my favourite routines EVER! It’s just epic! The professionals are just phenomenal, they’re so incredible at what they do!

My Recordings

Last year, I recorded 2 dances from the tour (Ore’s showdance and the finale because that’s when I figured out how to record on my camera). They were really popular so this year, I managed to get a few more which you can see below. (Find all of my videos here)

Susan and Kevin – Quickstep

Susan and Kevin – Samba

Joe and Katya – Charleston

Joe and Katya – Argentine Tango

Professionals – Run Boy Run

Sweet Charity Group Dance

La La Land (most of it, anyway)

That’s it for Strictly Monday for now, it may come back in the future but I haven’t decided if I’ll do my Strictly commentary this year yet. It’s a long way off anyway so I’ll let you know closer to the time! If you want to read my commentary from the last series, you can do so here. I hope you enjoyed this review of the tour! If you can go, I definitely recommend it! It’s a fun afternoon full of laughs and sparkle and it’s great for the entire family! If you have seen the show or are going to see it, let me know what you thought!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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