Blogger Showcase

Today is very exciting! I’ve been featured in a blogger showcase on two blogs which I’ve been waiting to share with you all since September. It’s been a long time coming but the day is finally here.

About the Showcase

The showcase is called Post Comment Love (the Linky) and it has been run by Morgan and Stephanie for almost two years. They welcome all bloggers, all topics and as part of their Linky and they like to showcase other bloggers. It’s a chance for newbies to get themselves seen and for oldies to answer some questions so others can get to know them.

You can read my responses to the questions on Morgan’s blog here and on Stephanie’s blog here. Based on my understanding, my full responses are on Morgan’s blog and there is a sort of summary type thing on Stephanie’s so be sure to check out both blogs!

Blogger Showcase

Thank you, Morgan and Stephanie for allowing me to be featured in your Blogger Showcase. I think it’s such a brilliant thing to introduce people to new (and older) blogs. After you’ve checked out my showcase on their blogs, don’t forget to have a look around their blogs and read their own posts! They’re both great bloggers and are doing a fantastic job!

You can follow the girls on social media. You can find Morgan’s here and Stephanie’s here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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