World of Wizardry December 2017 Subscription Box

Welcome to my first post of 2018! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you wanted! I’m currently writing this on Christmas eve so writing that is quite strange. I wanted to get a head start on my posts because I only have a week off work.

I’ve been waiting very patiently to write this post. Back at the end of November, I bought one of two mystery boxes and when this first one arrived on the 21st December, I couldn’t wait to write a post! I was planning on writing a comparison post between this and the other box I have ordered but after opening this box, I’ve decided that I’m going to continue with the subscription because I loved this box so much! So, the other box will definitely be a one-off (as it was quite expensive) and it will have its own post when it arrives.

I absolutely adore Harry Potter and I’ve seen a few unboxing videos on youtube so I wanted to try one of these boxes myself. It’s the World of Wizardry December 2017 Subscription Box from GeekGear. I was planning on subscribing and then unsubscribing after I got this box but after opening it, I decided to keep the subscription. It’s £19.99 + postage which isn’t bad for what you get! So, let’s get started!

The Box

This is what the box looks like. It has little glasses and squiggles to represent Harry’s scar –  probably because of copyright. On the sides of the box (see below) they have representation from the houses but with a trait of each house instead of the name again, probably for copyright reasons. There’s loyalty for Hufflepuff, Courage for Gryffindor, Wisdom for Ravenclaw and Ambition for Slytherin.

Opening the Box

When you open the box, it looks like this. However, the colour of tissue paper is different depending on your house. I’m a Hufflepuff which is why mine is yellow. (If there are any Hufflepuffs out there, let me know in the comments and we can be friends!)

What’s Inside the Box

House Item T-shirt

The first thing in the box is a t-shirt. The one you get depends on your house so, like I said, I’m a Hufflepuff which is yellow. The t-shirt has one of the Horcruxes on it which is Helga Hufflepuff’s cup with the Hufflepuff trait (loyalty) written on it. I quite like this top I just wish it wasn’t black because I hate black and hardly ever wear it. It’s also a bit long but I like the design.

Luna Necklace

The next thing I found in the box was this little box which is designed to look like a magazine. After a quick google search, I found that it looks quite similar to The Quibbler which is a magazine in the Harry Potter franchise. Inside the box was a Spectrespecs necklace which are the glasses Luna sometimes wears in the films. I love this necklace because Luna is one of my favourite characters (Bellatrix is the other)!

Ron’s Wand

I was beyond excited to find a wand in this box. I’ve wanted a wand for such a long time, I look at them everytime I go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour but they’re just so expensive. When I opened the wand box I took it out straight away and started waving it around like a lunatic reciting spells (nothing happened though). The box that it came in doesn’t really close very well so I’ll have to be careful with it because I’ll probably end up keeping the wand in the box because I don’t know how to display it and I don’t want to damage it.

Cookbook Binder + 3 Recipes

This is part of the reason I’ve decided to keep my subscription for these boxes. It’s a little file and it came with three recipes and by the end of the year, you will have a full file of recipes. In the first instalment, the recipes are Harry’s Birthday Cake, Butterscotch Hot Chocolate and Golden Flying Cake Pops.

3D Bookmark

I’m so excited about this next item in the box! It’s a 3D bookmark with Quidditch boots and a broom sticking out of the bottom. I really enjoy reading and I’m currently re-reading the Harry Potter series (I’m on Goblet of Fire) so it’s going to be really useful for me! I just hope I don’t drop it in the bath as that’s where I do my reading!

Bowtruckle Print

The Bowtruckle print was the last thing I had in the box. Honestly, I didn’t know what it was when I saw it so I did have to do a little search to find out what it was. It turns out that they appear in a couple of the Harry Potter books but not very much and they’re more in the Fantastic Beasts film which I’ve only seen once and I didn’t get it at all. I’m not that big a fan of this print so I probably won’t be putting it up on my wall but if prints are a regular feature in these boxes I might get a file or some sort of album to keep them all in.

After opening this box, like I mentioned, I decided to keep my subscription but I also went on the Geek Gear website and bought about £70 worth of items from past boxes so hopefully, very soon I’ll be posting a Geek Gear/World of Wizardry haul so keep your eyes out for that! If you’re a Harry Potter fan then also look out for my Harry Potter Primark haul which I’ll be posting soon!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look through the World of Wizardry December 2017 Subscription Box with me! Let me know in the comments if you also have a World of Wizardry subscription, I’d love to know what you thought of this box! If you want to see what else I’ve had in the World of Wizardry subscription boxes, click here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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