Blogmas Day 23: My First Office Christmas Party

Welcome to the penultimate post of my first Blogmas! Yesterday, I had my first office Christmas party and it was pretty good! There were lots of activities and it was nice to spend time with my work colleagues in a fun and relaxed situation.

First, we had food. We had sandwiches from a local place (I don’t really know what it was tbh) and chips from the chip shop. It was so good! There were also some little deserts but I didn’t have any of those because I had plans to go out to eat that night.

After food, we had a quiz. We were divided into teams based on the picture we pulled out of an envelope. There was quite a bit of debate within my team about whether we were raindeers or a moose. I thought it was a reindeer personally… We did quite well on the quiz, I got quite a few answers right and one answer that was right but didn’t get written down so we didn’t get a point. The quiz went on for a while, there were about 60 questions and a picture round where we had to guess the names of celebrities with Christmas names (Noel Edmunds, Holly Willoughby etc).

After the quiz, we played fuzzy darts which wasn’t actually fuzzy. Fussy darts are the velcro darts but ours were magnetic. I’ve never thrown a dart in my life and I was pretty bad at it! The scores from the darts were combined with the quiz and honestly, the darts really brought us down (and lifted the victorious team to victory – we marked their quiz, that definitely isn’t what won it for them!).

Next, we played pass the parcel. I didn’t win the main prize but I did get a pack of German ginger cake biscuit things which I don’t like so I gave them to someone else. Pass the parcel isn’t as fun and exciting when you’re a grown up playing with lots of other grown-ups! Afterwards, we had a raffle which is essentially when you pull out a raffle ticket from a bag and you get the present that had that same number on it. I won a prosecco glass and little strawberry fizzy things you put in prosecco but I swapped that with someone for a pink notebook. I’m not a big alcohol drinker, especially prosecco so the notebook would be more useful for me so I’m pleased with it!

After all of the activities, we just sat around and had a chat until we were ready to leave. Although it was a bit rubbish, it was rubbish in a good fun Christmassy way and I really enjoyed my first office Christmas party and I can’t wait for more in the future in wherever I’ll be working next year! Sadly, it probably won’t be where I am now as I’m finishing there in January. Have you ever had an office Christmas party? Let me know in the comments! If you missed yesterday’s post, you can read that here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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