Blogmas Day 21: My Blogging Goals for 2018

As you may know, I started my blog earlier this year and I’ve been learning so much and absolutely loving it! When I started, I didn’t really have any goals or know where I wanted to go with my blog. I’ve decided to set some goals for 2018 and today, I’m going to share them with you.

Build a Following

Based on my blog stats, most of the views I get are from people visiting my blog for the first time. For 2018, I would love to start building a following so that the number of returning readers is similar to my new readers. Yes, it’s great when new people discover my blog but it’s even better to know that people enjoy your content and come back to read your next post!

Work on my Engagement

Recently, I spent most of the day visiting new blogs, commenting on posts and interacting with other bloggers on twitter and the number of views and comments I got in return have been the best figures I’ve seen on my blog since going self-hosted. Next year, I want to try and set some time aside maybe two or three times a week joining in with blogger chats, commenting on other blogs and just making more blogger friends. Not only will it help me and my blog, it will also make others feel good when I comment that I have enjoyed their content because I know I really appreciate it when someone comments on my blog. You spend so much time on posts, images, promotion etc, it’s nice to know that someone has liked something I’ve posted.

Improve my Photography

Usually, I use my own images on my blog that I’ve taken myself but during Blogmas, there have been so many posts and I just haven’t had the time or energy to take my own pictures which is why most of my images have been made using the free pictures on Canva. I think they’re so beautiful that I’ve wanted to use them to make my posts look more appealing and professional but it’s always better to use your own images. My photography skills aren’t the best so I’m really going to try and improve that next year.

Put Less Pressure on Myself

Since starting my job, I’ve found it difficult to come up with content so I’ve just written anything just to get something new out. Next year, I want to put less pressure on myself. If I don’t get a post out on a particular day, that’s fine. It’s better to write good content and enjoy doing it than just writing for the sake of it.

I think these goals are achievable so I’m really going to try my hardest to improve on them. They are things that are vital to a blog succeeding and it’s better to start with a few small ones that are achievable than lots of huge unrealistic goals. I hope you’ll help me out with one of these goals by coming back tomorrow to read my next Blogmas post! In the meantime, why not read yesterday’s post if you missed it! You can read it here.

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 21: My Blogging Goals for 2018

  1. Fanna says:

    Amazing goals! Definitely interactions and building a following are super important but am glad you added a less pressure point to your list. Good luck with this ❤


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