Strictly 2017: The Final

Welcome to my final post of Strictly Come Dancing 2017! I can’t believe I managed to write a post every Monday for the entire series. I have wanted to do this for a few years now and I’m quite surprised I have actually done it!

The final was so strong this year, I think everyone did so well. As you probably know how it goes by now, I’ll be giving my thoughts on each of the performances and as I did last week, I’ll be discussing one couple at a time so, let’s get to it!

Alexandra and Gorka

The Judges’ pick: American Smooth – 9

I liked this dance the first time around but I think it’s just too simple this time around. I think Gorka should have changed the choreography and made it a little more complex but it was danced very well even though her hand did a weird thing halfway through.

Showdance – 9

I think Gorka was quite lazy with this dance. They could have done something absolutely phenomenal with her ability but he just used loads of moves they did in previous dances (like Jay and Aliona a few years back). But, I think they danced it incredibly well, I just would have liked to see them do something different.

Their Favourite Dance: Jive – 9

I 100% would have preferred to see their paso again, for me, it was the only dance of theirs that wowed me, it was just incredible! I wasn’t a massive fan of this dance the first time around but I did like it a bit better the second time around. It was a lot cleaner. The first time I scored it a 9 and I did again because she went on the wrong foot at one point and Gorka’s timing was way off at the end.

Debbie and Giovanni

The Judges Pick: Salsa – 9

This was so much better than the first time around, the lifts were better and she danced it better this time. I did feel that she was super cautious with the armography so that she wouldn’t mess it up again and I thought her legs were a bit messy but she’s improved!

Showdance – 9

I really liked this dance, Debbie was always going to do a great job with this one because Gio played to her strengths i.e. – Ballet. I did find it interesting that Darcey didn’t score it a 10 but for once she can judge it based on her expertise. The beginning was so beautiful, Debbie really looked like she belonged in that music box.

Their Favourite Dance: Argentine Tango – 10

Incredible. Again, Debbie improved so much on this dance! Her legs are just exquisite, the lines she makes are just amazing. Unlike the last time, they landed and the music stopped and the fireworks all went off at the same time which I mentioned in my post the week they did this the first time.

Gemma and Aljaz

The Judges’ Pick: Paso Doble – 9

Gemma has improved so much! I loved their paso the first time around and I still love it now. She had much better shaping this time and she acted it even better.

Showdance – 9

My expectations were so high for this dance, it was the one I was most looking forward to. I adore this song and it’s so full on it could have been incredible but there were just one or two places I feel like Gemma could have attacked it more but it was still great. The quickstep she did within this dance was phenomenal! When I heard this song choice, I thought it was for Alex’s showdance because she could have done something incredible with a song like this one!

Their Favourite Dance: American Smooth – 10

I loved this dance the first time around and I loved it even more this time. Gemma is an incredible ballroom dancer and being with the prince of ballroom (Anton is the king), there’s no surprise there. I’m quite annoyed that Craig didn’t give them a 10 for this dance, they are the only finalists that didn’t get a 40 and when the scores don’t count for anything, he should have done it. The same thing happened with Frankie Bridge, she shockingly didn’t get a 40 and I will never understand why.

Joe and Katya

The Judges’ Pick: Viennese Waltz – 9

I’m so glad we got to see this again. It’s one of my favourites from this series. It’s so beautiful and a proper VW. It had a real Christmassy feel to it and it would have been a 10 but I think there was a mistake right at the end on the steps. Like Gemma, Joe is one of the most improved celebs this series.

Showdance – 10

I loved this so much! It was so sweet and fun. The costume changes were amazing, I did wonder why little Katya looked so bulky at the beginning! For me, she is one of the BEST choreographers on Strictly (along with Oti, Janette and Kevin). I would have liked a bit more content and less fussing at the beginning but I don’t even care, I loved the storytelling and they did so well!

Their Favourite Dance: Charleston – 10

Again, I’m so pleased they chose to do this dance again. It’s one of my favourites from the entire series and possibly one of the most difficult Charlestons EVER. Yes, it looks simple but to swivel and do the tapping on the body and spins at the same time is incredible. I really think this helped them win it – amazing!

The Result

I was absolutely overjoyed with the result. Last week I mentioned that back in week 5 or 6 (after thinking about it I realised it was more like week 3/4), I called 2 couples that could win it and both of them were in the final. Those couples were Gemma and Aljaz and Joe and Katya. I love it when a non-dancer wins – it happened with Ore and it happened again with Joe. Not only did I think Joe or Gemma might win but I wanted it to be one of them. I loved the partnership between Gemma and Aljaz, they always made me laugh when they were on It Takes Two. Their friendship always came across on camera which is why I loved them so much. As for Joe and Katya, I loved them from the beginning, they had a bit of a rollercoaster start but when he found his feet, he was incredible! I think the right couple won on the night and I’m so pleased for them.

On Saturday, I was reminded that I was part of a sweepstake on twitter and I had Joe and Katya and I had completely forgotten about it so I was extra pleased that they won because now I get some goodies from the SCD Support Group!

This series hasn’t been as enjoyable for me as usual, I don’t know what is was about it but something felt off. Maybe it was that Len was gone or the whole drama with Alexandra but it just hasn’t been the same but I’ve still really enjoyed it! I’ve also loved sharing my thoughts with you all so thank you to everyone who has followed along over the series! (If you missed last week’s post, you can read that here).

This is probably my last Strictly Monday post for a little while but I’ll be going to see the tour in January so I might bring it back then to tell you all about it! I’m also thinking about creating another top ten Strictly dances post to include the dances from this series so keep an eye out for that and you can read my previous one here if you’re interested. You can also read today’s blogmas post here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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