Blogmas Day 12: What I Bought my Family for Christmas

Welcome to day 12 of Blogmas! Today marks the halfway point of my 24 days of Christmassy posts – if you’ve been keeping up with them then thank you so much! If not, I’d love it if you went back and read my previous posts. I love buying presents for my family because I can show them how much they mean to me and how much I appreciate them so in this post I’m going to show you what I bought my family for Christmas this year. Maybe if you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping it will give you some inspiration!

My Mam – I saw this scarf in a Primark haul video (possibly one from Louise Pentland) and I knew it would be perfect for my mam because she wears a lot of navy so I thought it would be useful and match a lot of her clothes. I also got her tickets to the Sister Act Live Choir which is coming to Cardiff in February and my grandparents are coming too so it will be a lovely day out for us. My mam loves Sister Act so I thought this would be something a bit different that she will enjoy. I prefer getting memories instead of physical objects for my mam, I don’t know why.

Matthew (my brother) – Matthew loves Guardians of the Galaxy and t-shirts with super hero logos and film t-shirts so I think he’s really going to like this top! I got it in a deal (2 for £20) in HMV and my mam bought him one so he’s getting at least 2 new t-shirts for Christmas so they will go into his rotation of the ones he wears now!

Andy (my stepdad) – I picked up this aftershave (I think) from Next – according to my mam it’ the one he likes so hopefully she got it right! I also got him 2 Toblerones which he loves!

My Grandma – Now, my gran loves Lala Land, we went to see it in the cinema and she’s always talking about it so for Mother’s Day we got her the CD so for Christmas I got her the DVD so that she can watch it. She’s always saying that she saw it was on TV and forgot to record it so now she will have her own copy to watch whenever she wants. She also likes the Florentyna perfume from Marks and Spencer so I saw this little gift set with perfume and body lotion and I also picked up some bath foam too.

La La Land

My Grandpa – I always struggle to find something for my Grandpa because he never wants anything. This year my grandparents have been doing an art class so I bought him a set of paint brushes because they only have about 3 between them I think so this will hopefully come in handy for him.

Paint Brushes

My dad – Like my Grandpa, I also struggle to buy things for my dad so I had to send the annual text to my step mother asking if there’s anything he wants and this year, it was a 4K version of Sicario. I also picked up a box of Lindt chocolates because they’re always so expensive and I saw them on offer so I got those too.


My sisters – This year, I decided to get a joint present for my sisters from me and my brother because they wanted some outfits for their build-a-bear bears and I ended up going a little overboard in the outlet shop because everything was on sale and I knew they would fight over the clothes if I separated them which is why it’s a joint present.

Build a Bear Clothes

Mandy (my stepmother) – Again, I never know what to get my stepmother because honestly, I don’t really know her that well because I only really see her a couple of times a year so I have to ask my dad what she wants and this year it was slippers. I have ordered them but they aren’t here yet sadly. I also got her a 850g bar of Dairy Milk because it’s her favourite chocolate.

What have you got for your family this year? Let me know in the comments! If you missed yesterday’s post, you can read that here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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