Strictly 2017: Semi-Final

What a show! The semi-final did not disappoint. It’s the toughest week of the competition as the couples had to learn two dances and I think everyone did so well! We had the usual overmarking and undermarking for certain couples which is really starting to get on my nerves and it’s only going to be worse next week when a certain judge (I’m not naming names) tries to manipulate the leaderboard and the voting even though the scores don’t count in the final. Because we have 2 dances per couple this week, I’m going to discuss each couple’s dances straight after each other rather than going around each couple twice so let’s get to it!

Joe and Katya

American Smooth – 9

I love an old Hollywood glamour American Smooth and this was no exception! I loved it! The lifts were brilliant, his frame was good and he led Katya around so well. I’m not sure if he wobbled at one point but it was an excellent dance.

Argentine Tango – 9

I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS! I had been excited about it all week, as soon as I heard the song choice, I thought, this could be incredible and it was! Katya’s choreography every week with Joe and last year with Ed is always amazing and so original! I adored the ending and if it wasn’t for a wobble and a few balance issues, it would have been a 10! However, I wasn’t a fan of his outfit, I thought it was odd for an Argentine Tango.

Mollie and AJ

Samba – 7

Mollie, Mollie, Mollie. She gave this her all and I love her for that! She said that they knew this wouldn’t be her dance so, like Gemma, they just went out and tried to have fun with it. There was a lot of samba content in the dance and I loved the bits where she was by herself. There wasn’t much bounce which is always a difficult thing to get but I think she did a great job! And it was seriously undermarked by Craig!

Waltz – 9

This was my favourite dance of the night (along with Joe’s AT). I loved the song and Mollie looked like (excuse the pun) an angel! Her dress was absolutely gorgeous! The dance made me feel quite emotional, after such a difficult round for them, they really pulled it back, Mollie is definitely a ballroom girl!

Alexandra and Gorka

Viennese Waltz – 9

I really enjoyed this dance, it was light and elegant and obviously danced well (it was Alexandra after all). When I was watching it, I was wondering if they would ever get into hold and when they finally did, I think it was very good. I also think it was a bit skippy in places but it was excellent.

Salsa – 9

This dance was so full on from start to finish! I think it was a bit stompy in places and she still has a problem with sicked feet. I am getting deja vu with Craig because Caroline Flack danced a salsa in the semi-final and got a 10 from Craig which carried on through her three dances in the final (this is what I was talking about at the beginning when I mentioned a certain judge tries to manipulate the leaderboard).

Gemma and Aljaz

Rumba – 8

LEGSSSS Gemma! Who knew?! However, I think that they worked so hard on the legs that her arms weren’t as good as they should be at this stage but I thought this was a beautiful dance.

Tango – 9

Gemma’s head turns/flick things could have been sharper for the tango. This was full of attack and after the comments last week I think she really stepped up her acting game to show them what she can do. She had a great facial expression throughout the dance, so did Aljaz but I love it when he smiles.

Debbie and Giovanni

Jive – 6

Absolutely over-marked, ridiculous! I must have been watching a completely different dance to the judges. She was flat-footed, very stompy, no retraction in the kicks and she was kicking out instead of down. The judges want her to win so badly and it’s getting boring now.

Foxtrot – 9

This was pure class and full of content. I love how quickly they got into hold which makes up for the last bit where they were out of hold for a while. There were some issues with gapping and she lost her balance at the end but a great dance.

The Results

Based on the dances on Saturday night, I do think the right couples were in the dance off (even though I didn’t want either couple to be there). Based on the dance-off alone, I probably would have picked Mollie over Gemma because Mollie improved from her performance on Saturday night whereas I think Gemma made a mistake.

Final Predictions

Every year, the judges choose a dance previously done by each couple so I’m going to tell you which dances I think they will pick for each couple.

Joe and Katya – Tango

Alexandra and Gorka – Waltz

Debbie and Giovanni – Quickstep or Cha Cha

Gemma and Aljaz – Cha Cha or Salsa

I can’t wait for the final, even though it’s not the final I would have chosen myself, however, back in week 5/6, I said one of two couples would win and both of those couples are in the final. I’m not saying who because I don’t want to jinx anything but you can probably guess! If you missed my post on the Musicals Special, you can read that here. I’m also participating in my first ever Blogmas and today’s post is Strictly themed so you can read that here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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