Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Q and A

I’m really excited about this post, I’ve wanted to do a Q and A for a while now and I’m finally able to do it and its Christmas themed which makes it better so thank you to everyone who sent me questions! (I’ve linked everyone’s twitter accounts so go give them a follow!)

What would be your idea of the perfect Christmas? (@LilyTheLostGirl)

I don’t really know, I would love to be able to sleep in later than 6.30am on Christmas morning because I’m not a child anymore but I’m always awake early! I always love it when my grandparents stay down on Christmas eve so that we’re all together and then they stay until Boxing Day, it’s really nice to have some time with them.

Do you have any Christmas traditions in your household/family? (@Georgia_deyes_)

We have an advent calendar and in every day there’s a different Christmassy thing that you stick onto Santa’s sack and every year me and my brother fight over who gets to open the even numbers. He wants to do it because it’s his birthday on the 12th and I want to because I hate odd numbers and I love pulling the little Santa out on Christmas eve. Even at the ages of 21 and 18 we still fight over it but we’ve had the calendar since we were young so it’s a tradition that we bring it out every year but honestly, I wish we didn’t anymore because I hate the fighting!

What’s your all-time favourite Christmas song? (@YouShouldHear)

I actually wrote a post on this on day 1 which you can read here but my favourite is Fairytale of New York!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Do you have any traditions? What do you do on Christmas Eve? Are you an organised shopper or Miss last (@voyage_la) 

I love everything about Christmas from giving presents (and getting presents) to being able to watch Elf without being judged but my favourite thing is probably pigs in blankets, I love them so much that I made my stepdad make me some on my birthday! I answered the tradition question above. On Christmas Eve I don’t really do anything specific, like we don’t really have any Christmas Eve traditions. I usually go and visit my auntie and uncle and get our presents and leave my cousin’s present for her but that’s it really. Now, the last 3 years, while I was at Uni, I was super organised because I would buy some of my presents in September when I got my student loan so that I wouldn’t spend it all before I got my presents but this year I graduated uni and wasn’t able to get a job until October so I didn’t start shopping until the end of October/beginning of November when I had my first payday which was quite stressful to begin with but now I don’t mind it so much.

What’s your favourite family Christmas tradition? (@abigailmurrayox)

So, I’ve already told you about a Christmas tradition but it’s not my favourite. I would probably say my favourite is sitting down with my family, watch the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special and then play some games. I love playing games and I don’t think many people do it anymore because technology has taken over so I like being a little unplugged over Christmas.

What is your favourite Christmas memory? (@yourschloex)

I don’t really have a great memory! I remember one year, I think I was between the ages of 8 and 12 and every year we have our stockings hanging on the mantelpiece. This one particular day before Christmas, I don’t know why but I decided to check if there was anything in my stocking and there was. I don’t know what it was now but I asked my mam if she had put it in there and she told me no and I 100% believed that Santa had come early and left me something. Part of me still believes that he exists and brings presents to younger children which is why my parents buy me presents now instead of him!

What’s your favourite part of the Christmas period? (@glutenandme24)

My favourite part of the Christmas period is definitely the run up to Christmas! Everyone is excited, houses get trimmed up, the countdown to the end of school/work is happening, it’s the best time!

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Q and A, I’ve really enjoyed it, let me know in the comments if you would like to see another one and send me some questions (not Christmas themed). If you missed yesterday’s post, you can read that here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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