Blogmas Day 3: Would You Rather (Christmas Edition)

It’s day 3 of Blogmas and today I’m going to be answering a series of would you rather or even this or that so let’s get started!

Santa hat or winter hat

I don’t look good in hats so I would pick Santa hat because I feel like it doesn’t matter if a joke hat suits you or not.

Build a snowman or snow angel

100% build a snowman!

Have a snowball fight or build an igloo

I’ve never built an igloo so I would pick that! I hate snowball fights but one year, I must have been about 8, we were walking home from my gran’s house in the snow and my mam was filming my brother doing something and I was walking behind them and I threw a snowball at my mam and it went down her back, all you can hear in the video is screaming, it’s so funny!

To warm yourself up after playing in the snow, do you drink hot chocolate, coffee or tea?

I don’t like tea or coffee so I guess I would pick hot chocolate if I had to but I only like that sometimes. My favourite thing to do after playing in the snow is have a bath so I would just do that instead.

Christmas Eve or Christmas day

That’s a tricky one, it’s so exciting on Christmas eve because it’s the build-up to the big day but on Christmas day you get presents but then when it’s over, it’s over so I prefer Christmas eve.

Real tree or fake tree

Fake tree

Tree ornaments or tree lights

You need both really, I guess it’s easier to get away with not having decorations if you had lights so I would pick lights

Going Christmas carolling or watching Christmas movies

Watching movies, of course!

Indoor decorations or outdoor decorations

Indoor, I can’t enjoy them if they’re outdoors! We do have some new lights this year which went up yesterday which are super pretty, I just wish they were inside so I could look at them all the time!

Outdoor Chrisstmas Lights

Have elf ears or a Santa beard

Elf ears because I could hide them with my hair

Live in a giant Gingerbread House or in Santa’s Toy Shop

Gingerbread house!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas or Christmas Story?

The Grinch, I’ve never seen Christmas Story, what is it?

Be in a scene from Home Alone or Elf?

Elf, I would love to be in this scene just because it would mean I had been in New York at Christmastime! I already re-create the revolving door scene whenever I go through one

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas edition of Would you Rather! Yesterday, I re-created Zoella’s £50 advent calendar for under £10 so you can read that here if you missed it. In tomorrow’s post, I’ll be telling you my favourite Christmas TV moments!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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