Collabro Home Tour

On the 14th November 2017, I saw Collabro on their Home tour with my friend Abby and it was incredible! I have been lucky enough to see Collabro on all of their tours so this was my third time seeing them and they get better every time. Just like their first tour, the support act was Phillipa Hanna and if you don’t know who she is, go check her out because she has some lovely songs (and great shoes!).

They opened with This Is The Moment from Jekyll and Hyde which I love because it’s such a powerful song. They continued to sing a mixture of songs from their 3 albums including Journey to the Past and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. They were joined by Carly Paoli for Over the Rainbow, they always have a soprano/opera singer with them on tour but what was different about Carly is she sang her own songs whereas usually, they sing covers.

One thing Collabro are known for is singing songs from Les Miserables and because they have covered so many now and they are so popular, they created a medley of Les Mis which included I Dreamed a Dream, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables and Bring Him Home. Before they sang this, Jamie did joke that they would sing Lovely Ladies which made me laugh because if I understood the film right, its a song about prostitutes and a very un-Collabro like song😂.

Soon after the Les Mis medley, they had an interval but I don’t remember which song they closed the first half with🙈.

After the interval, Collabro were joined on stage by Chepstow Musical Youth Theatre and they opened the second half with my favourite song from Home which is Bui Doi from Miss Saigon. I think its such a beautiful song and the choir were incredible with them. They then sang a medley of The Circle of Life and He Lives In You which I loved.

An emotional moment in the show was when they sang Lighthouse because they released it as a charity single for Save the Children after Michael was caught up in hurricane Irma. I love the song Lighthouse because the lyrics are beautiful and its the first original song (hopefully of many) they have done.

A few days before going to see Collabro, I saw on Twitter that they were performing one of my favourite songs of all time on this tour which is Defying Gravity from Wicked. I was beyond excited about this because I have been tweeting at them for about 2 years to put this on an album and usually if they perform a new song on tour and it gets a good response, they put it on the next album so I really hope that happens!
 I’m sorry about the quality of the video, my phone doesn’t pick up sound very well and recording wasn’t allowed so I had to record my lap hence the rubbish pictures on top of the video😂.

As always, I had to wait until the encore for my favourite song which is Stars, I just love it, it was the song they auditioned on BGT with and they performed it again in the final and it’s just brilliant, I haven’t heard a version I love more than Collabro’s. For the final song, they performed a medley of songs from Jersey Boys which means that for the first time, Collabro danced and I loved it! It was a little cringy but in the best possible way! I haven’t seen the musical Jersey Boys but after, this I really want to because the songs were so upbeat and happy and it was a brilliant way to end the show!

Collabro are my absolute favourite people to see live because I truly believe they are the only people who sound better live than they do on a recording. This was their best tour in my opinion and I’m already excited about the next album and tour so I hope we don’t have to wait too long!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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