Strictly 2017: Week 7

What a show! I think so many couples were great this week but a few of the great ones from previous weeks did drop the standard a little bit. I have a feeling we could be in for a shock dance off and elimination from this weekend so let’s get to discussing the performances!

Alexandra and Gorka – 8
These two were overmarked for me (as they have been every week since that jive in week 4). She’s an excellent performer, you can’t fault that at all which is why I think they get such high marks because it hides her technique a bit. Every week since week 4 I’ve felt that her legs have been so messy and she’s pigeon-toed but I think in this dance, her legwork has improved but she is still pigeon-toed. I understand that it can’t be easy to change how your feet have been for your entire life but it does make a massive difference to the standard of dancing.

Mollie and AJ – 8
I love Mollie’s ballroom, I think she’s so beautiful and elegant and this dance was no different. I loved the spin thing in the beginning, it was so different, I don’t know if I’ve seen that before. Her contra check (I think that’s what it’s called) was gorgeous and I really loved this dance. However, like Alex, she is very pigeon-toed, maybe it’s a singer thing or from performing in heels because Frankie had it too.

Joe and Katya – 9
I adored this dance! It was so intricate and clever, Katya really is one of the best choreographers on the show! The lifts were brilliant, they were in sync the entire time. If it weren’t for that left foot not swivelling, I would have given it a 10, easy! I think it’s my favourite Charleston of the series!

Gemma and Aljaz – 7
Everyone has a dance that doesn’t suit them and I think this was Gemma’s. The lifts weren’t very good, like the judges said, you could see when they were coming because she kind of stopped to think about it which spoiled the flow of the dance. I loved the section in the bottom corner where they were side-by-side, I think that was the best part but hopefully she can come back stronger next week because I think she’s incredible.

Aston and Janette – 7
I liked this dance, I don’t really know why the judges were so negative about it and Craig’s 4 was completely ridiculous! I felt like he was trying to get that drive which is needed for the Viennese Waltz and he was almost there and the fleckerl was lovely. I agree that it wasn’t their best dance because it didn’t wow like the rest have but like I said about Gemma, everyone has that one dance.

Ruth and Anton – 6
Brilliant, Anton is a complete genius! I adored this dance, I think Ruth is finally finding her feet in the competition and being the fun couple really suits them! The paso they did wasn’t too bad but I loved the little bits in the dance like in the beginning where Ruth told Anton to get up with an angry face and then smiled and when they completely stopped the dance waiting for Hayley to stop singing, it was just genius and that ending will absolutely make it go down in Strictly history – ICONIC!

Debbie and Giovanni – 9
I think this was overmarked again, what is it with her and Alexandra?! I think that she lost balance right at the beginning, her head movements weren’t very sharp some of the time and it looked a bit wobbly and her shoulders came up sometimes, especially in the pivots. I did love that she was kind of leaning on Gio and that made them keep body contact and gives them the ‘flower in a vase’ look which Ian Waite was talking about a few weeks back on It Takes Two. Also, shoutout to whoever chose this music for picking the worst tango song ever!

Jonnie and Oti – 6
I know this is probably an awful thing to say but I really think that the judges are afraid to criticise them because of his disability, for a few weeks now he hasn’t been great and the judges are always pretty nice to them and people who have been better than them have been slated which I don’t really think is fair. He was flat-footed in this dance and even if he can’t help that on one leg, he could do it on the other. The lifts and tricks were brilliant but they really need to work on his technique and performance.

Susan and Kevin – 8
They’re back! Not that they went anywhere for me😂 but the last 2 weeks have been entertaining but not technically great but this was both entertaining and very good technically. I really loved this dance – like Shirley said, Kevin filled the choreography with basic jive and still made it entertaining which I actually prefer to all the show-stopping choreography that isn’t always danced very well. Like I mentioned about Brian (I think) a couple of weeks ago, the dancers need to dance down sometimes to make the celebs look better but Kev didn’t need to, he is the king of jive for me and so sharp and speedy but Susan kept up with him and she didn’t look out of place which is brilliant! I agree with Craig that she needs to be up on the balls of her feet but she was still super bouncy and her kicks were mostly pretty sharp!

Davood and Nadiya – 9
I really enjoyed this dance! The lift right at the beginning was so different, it did look a little bit like he was struggling to get her up but I think it’s because it was so slow and he was spinning but it was really clever. I loved all of the lifts, especially the one where he lifted her above his head! I think the foxtrot was danced very well and this was probably their best dance!

The Results
I honestly don’t know how to feel about this result! I’m surprised that Mollie and AJ were in the dance-off again, especially this week on such a great routine! I’m also surprised that Aston and Janette were in the dance off and were eliminated because he’s been so strong since week 1 and definitely a front-runner BUT they were only above Ruth and Anton on the leaderboard which is the lowest they’ve ever been. I’m not surprised that Mollie was saved because based on the dance-off, I would have saved Mollie too but any other week I think Aston would have won. It just goes to show that no matter how good you have been in the past, you have one off week and you’re gone which is a shame but the competition is really getting good now we’re passed the halfway point and I’m excited for the next few weeks!

What did you think of this week’s performances? Did the right couple go home? I’d love to know what you think in the comments! If you missed my post on the Halloween special, you can read that here.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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