Strictly 2017: Week 4

What a week! I feel like almost everyone stepped up their game this week and the show was incredible! You know the drill by now, I’m going to give my thoughts on each couple’s dance, give my scores and then discuss the dance off and eliminated celeb so, let’s get to it!

Debbie and Giovanni – 7
I think that the judges are being quite harsh with Debbie because she started so strongly in weeks one and 2. She had very good leg action I thought, maybe a bit bent in some places but the judges said they were too straight (make your mind up guys! you either want straight legs in cha-cha or not!) but I thought this was a great effort for a tricky dance!

Brian and Amy – 5
His legs were a bit wobbly on the walks/lunge things that they did at the beginning, he missed the jump onto the platform at the end and the jump at the end of the music but a really good try! You could see he was trying to make the shapes in his arms which is great but I think his footwork and hands need some work.

Mollie and AJ – 7
Mollie’s Latin is so much better than it was in week 1 (GO MOLLIE!) but I think that she was a bit loose and floppy in her legs and arms but I guess it’s better than being too stiff. She’s amazing at lifts but AJ needs some work! He almost dropped her in the 2nd one and she hit the floor in the last one but the first one was amazing! What I love is you can’t see that there’s a lift coming, they’re dancing one second then the next she’s up, there’s no preparation or pause in the dance which is amazing.

Davood and Nadiya – 7
After seeing their training video, I think he really handled his motion sickness well. It was a very spinny Viennese waltz and I disagree with Craig about the floor spin, although it’s my least favourite move because it’s so overused on Strictly but there was a build in the music and it might have felt like it needed something big and it was probably a nice little break for him from spinning.

Charlotte and Brendan – 5
When I first saw this dance, I thought it was so repetitive and one of the most boring jives. There was a lot of the same kick ball change thing and the weird high knee running as well as one or two other moves. It was as if Brendan found something she was good at and ran with it, the same as Anton with Ruth’s swivel a couple of weeks back. However, I think this is the most fun she’s had on the dance floor and that was lovely to see. Also, she had maybe my favourite dress of the evening (along with Susan’s).

Joe and Katya – 6
After rewatching this dance, it was a lot better than I originally thought! Yes, his cha-cha walks were a little odd but you can see that he was really trying to get it right and have the hip action needed for this dance. I also loved the story and I think he did very well! I still can’t tell if he’s more ballroom or Latin because his jive was amazing and this cha-cha wasn’t so good but then his tango wasn’t great but his Viennese waltz was beautiful, he’s a mystery!

Ruth and Anton – 6
A massive improvement from these two! I think she finally let go of her nerves and it really showed in her dancing. It might also have something to do with being in hold for the entire dance because I imagine it would be kind of like a security blanket for the celebs. I do think it took a little while to get started and her head was quite wobbly in the pivots at the end, maybe she was looking down a bit, I don’t know but I really loved it!

Aston and Janette – 7
This quickstep was full of content, energy and fun, I loved it. Aston was really light on his feet and I really liked the story and the song choice. They kept body contact for most of the dance and I loved the little Charleston/jumping sections. Also, the colour of Janette’s dress was gorgeous!

Simon and Karen – 6
I loved this so much. They are one of my favourite couples so I really want them to do well. You could see he was trying so hard throughout this dance to get it right and just like his waltz in week 2, he made it to the end and then messed up, I was gutted but I loved it! Fun fact, when I saw Strictly being filmed in the studio (read about it here) I saw Karen and Kevin perform a samba to this song performed live by Barry Manilow!

Gemma and Aljaz – 8
Now, I thought this was fabulous! I loved the song and their outfits, pink is my favourite colour and it’s not traditionally used for a paso (I can only remember Frankie Bridge having a pink dress for a paso so please tell me if you know of any others). Gemma was strong throughout and she acted it well, it actually looked like she shouted towards the end and the very end with the confetti, I loved!

Alexandra and Gorka – 9
Okay, this may be a little controversial but I don’t think it was worth a 10s. Yes, she was good but there were a few mistakes. She was pretty lumpy bumpy when she flew through his legs and when she did the splits, her feet didn’t look right sometimes because she was pigeon-toed and Ian Waite pointed this out in his warm-up on It Takes Two. I just don’t think it was the standard of Ore, Jill and Jay, the judges just got caught up because of the song, outfit, hair etc.

Jonnie and Oti – 7
I loved the tricks and lifts in this dance, especially the first one but for me, it didn’t flow in places like a Viennese waltz should and if you’re choosing to do an American smooth based VW then it should flow like a VW. Also, he really should have thrown his jacket a little further away, when they stepped on it I thought there would be an accident😂.

Susan and Kevin – 8
In my opinion, they 100% saved the best for last! This was the most joyful dance I’ve ever seen and it was danced very well. They were light, they kept contact for most of it and it was full of energy and content. When I saw their training footage, I had a feeling this would be good and it was better than I imagined. It’s no secret that they are my favourite couple and Kev is my favourite pro so I’m just willing them to do well every week and I just love them so much and I loved this! The fact that the song meant so much to Susan (it was her first dance at her wedding) really showed in her face and she looked like she had a blast!

The Results Show
Well, the curse of dancing first is broken (Chizzy and Simon both danced first and were in the dance off) and this week we saw Davood and Nadiya in the dance off against Charlotte and Brendan. I’m a little shocked that Davood was in the dance off and the judges 100% chose the right couple. I had a feeling that it would be Charlotte going home. I also wanted to mention the pro dance at the beginning of the results show, I absolutely loved it! It was quite different from the other ones they’ve done, I really loved the first half with the pasodoble because it was so powerful but then the softness of the second half was beautiful!

What did you think of week 4? Did the right couple go home? I’d love to know what you think in the comments! If you missed my post on Movie week, you can read that here.

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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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