Why I Started a Blog

As you may know, not long after I started blogging, I wrote a post about why I started a blog (I’ve deleted that post now) but I wasn’t fully happy with that post and I would like to be more open with you guys like I was in my mental health story which is why I’ve decided to rewrite the post. Another thing about my previous why I started a blog post is I didn’t really have any other reason other than ‘because I wanted one’ which I guess is a good a reason as any but there’s more to it than that so I’m going to explain a little more now.

 I’ve wanted a blog for such a long time but I never knew how to get one or what to write about and then I had been to see Kevin and Karen Clifton’s show Kevin and Karen Dance and then Thoroughly Modern Millie a week later and I decided to make a blog where I would be able to write about them and other things I was interested in and things I had done. I thought it would be nice to have something I could look back on in a few years because my memory is so bad, if I wrote about things not long after they happened then I could remember the details etc.
The next reason I wanted a blog was so that I had somewhere to go and talk about things where people would want to hear what I had to say. Since I finished uni back in May, I have been alone in my house every weekday while my mam and step dad are working and my brother was in school so it can feel very isolated. But, even when I’m with them I usually have to repeat myself because they don’t listen/hear me a lot of the time and I often feel very ignored so having somewhere that I can talk as much as I want is something I really love about blogging.
Since finishing uni, I really needed a hobby, which is the final reason I started a blog. As you may know, I suffer from depression and one of the biggest triggers for me is being alone all day every day with nothing to do so blogging keeps me super busy which I love.
I’ve loved my first 2 months of blogging and I’ve learnt so much but I have a long long way to go. I really hope you will stick with me on this journey if you’ve been reading for a while but if you’re new, I hope you will follow along which you can do in the sidebar.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know by commenting below, I always love hearing what you guys think!
Thanks for reading, Em xo 

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