Strictly 2017: Movie Week

I was beyond excited for this week because it’s one of my favourite weeks of the competition which is MOVIE WEEK! I love movie week so much and I’ve been ill for a few days so it really lifted my mood which I needed. I think almost everyone stepped up their game this week, maybe it was because of the theme but it was such a great show so let’s get into it.

The Main Show

Simon and Karen (Toy Story) – 5
There was some gapping throughout the dance but it was really fun and I loved the ending. I think the judges (not Shirley) were super harsh on them and I think he’s doing so well considering he’s never danced in his life.

Ruth and Anton (James Bond) – 3
Firstly, I absolutely adored her hair😍. When she was coming down the steps at the beginning of the dance, she was a bit wobbly. She needs to straighten her legs which will help with the hip action and I think the dry ice/smoke on the floor was a great idea to hide her feet😂. It was a bit stoppy-starty but she did well for a really hard dance.

Mollie and AJ (The Sound of Music) – 8
Now, I hated Mollie’s hair, I thought it looked awful😂 but I really really loved this dance, I think it was amazing. I was quite worried because it’s quite a slow song and kind of boring and really difficult to do a wow dance to it but they managed it. The lifts were amazing and AJ did a great job.

Rev and Dianne (Flash Gordon) – 3
In my notes for this, the first thing I wrote was dying😂 I couldn’t believe what I was watching! I don’t even know what to say, their jumps weren’t in sync and he looked like he got tangled in the cape at one point. It was super stompy but I loved it!

Debbie and Giovanni (Shall We Dance) – 7
It was light and had a lot of content and I really enjoyed it. I don’t think I’m the only one who was saying this but I’ve never heard of the rule Craig was talking about with only having 10 seconds out of hold or whatever, I’ve seen people have way more than 10 seconds out of hold and nothing has ever been said about it so I was a bit confused by that comment.

Brian and Amy (The Wizard of Oz) – 5
I really loved the characterization of this dance, it was really sweet. He still has a few things to work on technically but he’s a great performer and I loved the ending!

Gemma and Aljaz (The Jungle Book) – 7
I don’t think this was very charleston-y and she didn’t have much swivel but I absolutely loved it! It was packed with energy and it didn’t stop from start to end. I died when Aljaz lost his ear and I can’t imagine how hot it must have been in that costume😂.

Charlotte and Brendan (Top Gun) – 4
I think these two could be in trouble after the little issue between Brendan and the judges. Shirley was right, there was some rise and fall in the routine and Brendan shouldn’t have hit back at her until he had been able to watch it back. I think this was miles better than last week because she remembered the routine and it can’t have been easy to come back after last week.

Jonnie and Oti (Indiana Jones) – 6
This was quite a full-on dance, maybe a little too full on but I think that probably has to do with the song. The judges were right, he does need to tuck his booty under in this dance which will help with the shape needed for the paso.

Susan and Kevin (Wonder Woman) – 7
All the way through this dance I was SCREAMING I loved it so much! It’s the first time (I think) that the woman has been in charge of a dance by spinning the man etc and it was BRILLIANT! Kev’s choreography gets better every year. She was missing the bounce which is needed in the samba but she was quite jumpy which is kind of confusing😂.

Joe and Katya (Doctor Zhivago) – 8
Viennese Waltz is one of my favourite dances, especially when it’s done like this and it’s romantic and cute, it was just beautiful and so much better than last week.

Aston and Janette (Trolls) – 8
This was just brilliant. The costumes were so brave because his legs were exposed so if he didn’t have the straight legs then it would have looked so wrong but he did and it was great! I think they’re one of the strongest couples in the competition, if not the strongest. I’m just waiting to see if there’s a dance he can’t-do (they always have one that’s not suited to them).

Alexandra and Gorka (My Fair Lady) – 8
I think this was a really great dance. All the way through the show when I saw them I was thinking ‘I don’t remember anyone saying they were dancing to Mary Poppins on It Takes Two’ so I was quite confused as I’m not familiar with My Fair Lady😂.

Davood and Nadiya (Saturday Night Fever) – 6
I don’t think there was that much samba content in this dance and I can’t work out if he had a bounce action or if he just wiggled his bum when he walked😂. The bit on the judge’s desk was kind of unnecessary but I did love watching Shirley’s reaction to it!

I think that Charlotte and Brendan could be in danger because of the thing between Brendan and the judges which isn’t really fair to her and I also think that Rev and Dianne could be in danger too.

The Results Show

So, Rev Richard and Dianne faced Simon and Karen in the dance off and it was the Rev and Dianne who were sent home. I’m both shocked and not surprised at this because usually, people like Richard go quite far (Ed Balls and John Sargeant etc) which is why I thought he had a couple more weeks left in him but I’m not surprised because he was one of the worst, if not the worst in the competition. I’m gutted Simon and Karen were in the dance off because I really like those two but I think it may have something to do with the order they dance because Chizzy was first last week and she was in the dance off so we’ll see if this trend continues!

I just want to give a mention to the entire team at Strictly, the costume department, props, lighting etc who always manage to pull off incredible themed weeks and the professionals and the choreographers are phenomenal, the group dances were incredible both the Lala Land themed opening on Saturday night and the Disney dance on the results show.

What did you think of Movie week? Did the right couple go home? I’d love to know what you think in the comments! If you missed my post on week 2 you can read that here.

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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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