Strictly 2017: Week 2

Week 2 was full of surprises, I feel like everyone either stepped it up massively or had a disaster, some even did both in one dance (poor Simon and Karen😔). After I’ve discussed and scored each dance, I’ll give my thoughts on who I think is in danger of going home (I’m writing this at 11:17 on Sunday morning so I haven’t seen the results yet) and then I’ll give my thoughts on who was actually eliminated (I’ll write that bit at approx 8:05😂) so let’s get started!

Chizzy and Pasha – 3
I think that Chizzy is 100% better outside of hold which is why I think Latin is amazing for her because she can show off her personality so much more. The judges were telling them that it wasn’t elegant enough or whatever and I do agree but I also think that Pasha did the best he could with a song that wasn’t really an elegant Foxtrot song. The producers often give songs that suit the couple or are in the charts and that’s fine as long as it fits the dance style they have that particular week.

Aston and Janette – 7
As amazing as Aston was last week, I knew he would be more suited to Latin, this was incredible. In the summer when Despacito came on in the car one day I said to my mam ‘I bet someone dances to this on Strictly this year’ and I was right and I’m so glad they gave it to Aston and Janette because they were able to do an incredible routine. The tricks were amazing and it almost was a disaster during that final lift but he managed to save it even though it was still quite messy but still, an amazing dance!

Susan and Kevin – 6
This dance was so entertaining, as are all of Kevin’s dances, he’s such a great choreographer! The judges are right, there wasn’t really any swivel but I loved seeing her personality come through and in that sense, it suited her down to the ground! I think that she’s going to be able to show her personality in most dances, especially because she’s partnered with Kev.

Charlotte and Brendan – 2
It was so hard to watch this dance, I felt terrible for Charlotte. As soon as they started I said to my mam, she’s completely forgotten the routine and you could see Brendan telling her the next steps and pushing her around and I really hoped she would be able to pull it back but she didn’t. I love that she managed to keep a smile on her face during the routine and afterwards, if it were me, I would have cried through the entire dance😂. I didn’t think Latin would be her strong suit but I really hope they can avoid the dance-off to have another go next week!

Joe and Katya – 5
Firstly, I want to say that I loved their VT, I hate it when they make the couples go and do some stupid activity when they should be rehearsing. I want to see how they’re learning, not that they went to see a show to get into character or whatever it is. Anyway, onto the dance. I was so excited about this because I love the song but it was a tricky song to tango to because it takes a little while to get into it which is why he spent so much time in the wardrobe. Also, it couldn’t have been easy going after Charlotte so he did make a few mistakes and his footwork was very messy.

Brian and Amy – 4
Another good VT showing the training! This dance suited Brian’s personality so much and it was very entertaining but his footwork or his arms/hands weren’t very good but I did enjoy it. Also, if anyone from the BBC is reading this, please can I have the glitterball from their dance when you’re done with it?

Gemma and Aljaz – 6
This dance had Aljaz written all over it. I love watching him do Ballroom (and Latin, I just love Aljaz) but his Ballroom is so gorgeous and Gemma did an amazing job! She was so elegant and graceful and her hands/arms were lovely.

Rev and Dianne – 4
They were so much better than they were last week, I really enjoyed this dance. I think Dianne was very brave to add some lifts into the routine and as expected, it was very entertaining even though his technique needs A LOT of work.

Ruth and Anton – 4
The song was a great Charleston song but I don’t think it was right for Ruth, it got so fast towards the end that she couldn’t move her legs fast enough. Her swivel was very good but there may have been too much, I feel like that’s all she did. I feel like Anton can be a little lazy with his choreography sometimes but he may have just thought ‘oh, she can swivel, let’s just do that for 90 seconds’ but I think Ruth did a great job with what she was given considering the speed of it.

Simon and Karen – 5
A massive improvement from these two which I was so happy about! When I saw them training on It Takes Two and I heard the song and what it meant to him, I really really wanted this to be good and it was right until the end which I’m gutted about. It was a really lovely dance and having a build up in a song like they had in a Waltz is tricky because it feels like you need to do something big so a lift would have been amazing but obviously, you can’t so they went for the underarm turn things into the floor spin thing (all technical terms, I know😂). I think that he got so caught up in the emotion of the dance that he messed it up a little and got tangled which resulted in the floor spin thing to go the wrong way so she was twisting while spinning and then they landed the wrong way and she had to get up by herself but despite that, I really enjoyed this dance and I hope they’re safe (I voted loads for them!).

Mollie and AJ – 7
I think this was AMAZING! When I heard they had Tango I was super worried because Mollie is so fun and smiley and I thought, this is going to be terrible BUT thankfully, I was wrong. It was full of drama, it was sharp and that back bend was amazing! I had a feeling she would be more suited to Ballroom and I was right. I also LOVED her dress!

Jonnie and Oti – 7
I’m a little nervous about writing this because I don’t want to say the wrong thing/offend anyone but it was so strange watching someone dance on a blade but it was also incredible and super interesting but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to. I think he did very well with a difficult dance and Oti is great with him.

Debbie and Giovanni – 8
I think Debbie has been a surprise to most people. Her paso last week was amazing and their Viennese Waltz didn’t disappoint. I think that she was elegant and graceful, her frame and technique was excellent. It was a gorgeous dance and a gorgeous dress and I think this was much more suited to her than the Paso personality wise, I loved it.

Davood and Nadiya – 7
Towards the end of the routine when they went up the stairs, she lost timing, not him which is very rare on Strictly! I think the dance was a bit chaotic but I really enjoyed it and it was full of content!

Alexandra and Gorka – 9
Talk about saving the best for last! This blew me away! It was powerful, fast, just phenomenal. I really thought the judges would have the 10s out!

I’m worried about Brian and Amy and Simon and Karen and Chizzy and Pasha, I think two of those couples could be in the dance-off.

The Eliminated Couple
I’m so shocked that Chizzy and Pasha were eliminated, I really thought they would be saved by her massive personality. It was really sad how upset she was, I don’t think anyone’s ever been so upset to leave so early in the competition and I don’t think I’ve seen so many of the couples so upset by an elimination so early in the competition which just shows how wonderful Chizzy was behind the scenes.

What did you think of week 2? Are you excited about movie week? Who did you think would be eliminated? Let me know in the comments below!

If you missed last week’s post, check it out here and you can find all of my Strictly posts here!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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2 thoughts on “Strictly 2017: Week 2

  1. Abby McCaffrey says:

    It's really interesting to read what you thought of the episodes, even for someone like me who hasn't watched this year. You give good descriptions on what was wrong with the dancer's technique, do you do ballroom or another style of dance?Abby ||


  2. Em's World says:

    Thank you so much! No I haven't! I went to Ballet once when I was 5 and cried the entire time because I was too shy to do it but I love *obsessed with* Strictly and I've watched it since it started so I've picked up on how each dance should be and the technique that's involved in each dance.-Em xo


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