Strictly 2017: Week 1

I’m so excited about this post! As you may know, the whole reason that I started Strictly Monday was so that I would be able to discuss Strictly after every show like I’ve wanted to do for a few years now and this year, I can FINALLY do it! I fancy myself a little bit of an armchair judge and when Len left, I 100% thought I could replace him😂 I’m going to quickly discuss every dance and give it a mark out of 10.

Gemma and Aljaz – 5
I really think Gemma struggled with the quicker leg movements, it’s almost as if she couldn’t move her feet fast enough so she kind of shuffled a bit, that’s the only way I can describe it but I think that she did a great job considering she was opening the entire series and I think that she will be one to watch in a couple of weeks.

Brian and Amy – 4
I don’t really think this dance suited Brian because he’s such a joker but I think that he acted it well and they had good body contact throughout most of the dance but his footwork needs some work. They should have a Latin dance next week which I think will suit his personality a bit better but I do think that they could be in danger of going home.

Alexandra and Gorka – 6
I really enjoyed this dance, I had a feeling that she would be good but I think this dance was so special because the song meant a lot to Alexandra, (as she mentioned, her mother used to make her sing it and in case you didn’t know, she passed away the day after the red carpet event which is why Alexandra was crying after the dance). I do think that her head needed to be back a little more but she danced it beautifully.

Simon and Karen – 4
If I’m not mistaken, this was the first paso doble ever in week 1 (correct me if I’m wrong) so I think Simon handled it very well. His shaping needs a lot of improvement which is super important in paso but for someone who’s never danced before and isn’t a performer, I thought he acted and performed it very well.

Charlotte and Brendan – 5
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Charlotte’s arms and hands in those out of hold bits? GORGEOUS! I think she’s so elegant so this dance suited her so much but her frame needs some work, I thought her arms in hold were a little bit floppy and could be stronger but I did like that she didn’t look like she was clinging on to Brendan when he spun her around. She really surprised me so I hope her Latin is as good!

Chizzy and Pasha – 4
I think that this dance lacked cha cha content again and had a lot more disco elements to it which I think Chizzy did well with. Her personality shone through but she did go wrong or miss a step towards the end and it’s unfortunate that she got her heel caught but she dealt well with it.

Jonnie and Oti – 6
I loved this dance and Oti’s dress was possibly my favourite of the night. I think they did a great job but I do think that Oti danced around him a little bit throughout the dance and he may have lost his balance towards the beginning but I liked the little details they managed to put in too. I can’t wait to see how they progress!

Susan and Kevin – 5
I hate Kevin’s moustache SO MUCH😂! I think that Susan lost her balance once or twice at the beginning of the dance and it was a little bit jumpy in some bits but I absolutely loved this dance. Susan is the most relatable person I’ve ever seen on TV, she’s exactly how I would be with Kev which is why I love them so much! Again, I think this is the first Viennese waltz in week 1 ever so I think she did amazingly with difficult choreography like the fleckerl.

Joe and Katya – 6
Where to start with this one… I had a feeling he would be good and I’m so glad I was right! However, his feet should be more pointed in the kicks and flicks and there needs to be more retraction in the legs but I think he did amazingly well with a fast dance but I wish he had proper dance shoes on because they may have helped him. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Debbie and Giovanni – 7
WOW WOW WOW I was blown away by this dance! I was stunned by her high kicks and her splits (I’m a little less stunned now that I know she’s a former ballet dancer) and I loved the drama. I do think she lost it for a second about 3/4 of the way through but I was so surprised!

Davood and Nadiya – 4
I didn’t like this dance AT ALL. I felt like she used it to show off a bit for her first dance and there wasn’t much cha cha content. I hope for the next dance she choreographs for him and not for herself, you have to dance to your celebrity’s level, not dance so well it makes them look worse.

Ruth and Anton – 4
Is it just me or is Anton looking a bit greyer since having his twins?😂 They had a lot of posture, frame and gapping issues and I think that she was clinging on for most of the dance, however, I think she did a good job for week 1 but there is a lot to work on.

Rev Richard and Dianne – 3
Joyful. I didn’t blink while watching this dance, I loved it so much! There’s a lot to work on but there was quite a bit of cha cha content and a lot of arm pumping which I loved. I can’t wait to see these two next week!

Mollie and AJ – 5
I enjoyed this dance, it was so fun but I think that again, she needed some retraction in the legs but I could see she was trying to do it, I just think her legs are a bit weak so that’s something they could work on but I loved her facial expressions.

Aston and Janette – 7
What a way to close the show! I think this was full of content and cheeky little show off bits for Aston. I think he lost his balance once or twice and they need to be careful because the little pits for him to show off in may come across a bit cocky sometimes but I think they did a great job. I was surprised and not surprised by this dance because I wasn’t expecting him to be this good in Ballroom so I can’t wait to see them with a Latin dance.

Overall, I think it was a great start to the series and I’m excited for the next couple of months! Next week, I’ll be discussing the new dances and the eliminated couple. At the moment, I’m worried about Brian and Simon and I think one of those could be going home but it all depends on how they do next week! Who were your favourites this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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