Tutorial: DIY Customised Denim Jacket

If you’re a regular reader here then you may remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to try and customise a denim jacket after I was inspired by some Katya from Strictly made for Aljaz and Janette, also from Strictly. I actually managed to customise a jacket so today I’m going to talk through what I did/where I got the supplies etc. I should mention now that this post contains some affiliate links but it is not a sponsored post, you can read more about it on my disclaimers page.

What You Need:

A Denim Jacket (I got mine from eBay but it was origanally from Next)
Iron on patches of your choice and as many as you like. I used these:
Holo Unicorn
Rainbow Heart
Pink Cat
Gold Crown
Pink Star
Hufflepuff Badge
Fabric Spray Paint – I used the colour Rose Pink
Iron on glitter letters – I had silver holo glitter
A Disney Castle Stencil (or a stencil of your choice)
Star Hole Punch – I used a large one and a small one that I’ve had for years
Fabric Spray Glue
A craft cutting board and scalpel/craft knife
Iron and Ironing Board

Step 1

Print out your stencil (I resized it in publisher first and printed it over 2 pages for the size I wanted). Then, using your cutting board and scalpel, cut around your stencil. Below you can see how I it looked over 2 pages before I cut it, after this picture, I forgot to take more😂🙈.

Step 2

Spray the back of your stencil with the fabric glue and stick it to the back of your jacket. Make sure to press down around every line and don’t leave any gaps or your paint will leak outside of the stencil. Take extra sheets of paper/news paper to cover any parts of the jacket around the stencil. Then, spray your jacket with the spray paint. Do a thin layer, let it dry for a minute or two then add another coat, repeat this until your happy with the coverage of the paint but be careful that you don’t get the stencil too wet or it will leak through/rip the paper. I also did this with hearts that I cut out to go around the castle. Remove your stencil and let the paint dry for about 2/3 hours.

Step 3

When the paint is dry, you need to either bake your jacket in the oven to set the paint or iron it. I was too nervous to bake it so I ironed it. The directions should be on the can/bottle of paint regarding length/temperature etc. You need to cover the paint with a piece of cloth or a tea towel before you iron the paint.

Step 4

Add your letters and patches. I can’t remember how long the directions said to iron the letters for but I know it wasn’t enough time so just keep ironing until it’s stuck, you can always iron it again if it starts to peel off a little. Same with the patches. The letters came with a heat proof sheet, kind of like baking paper, to protect it from the heat of the iron so I used that for the patches too, just to protect them. The letters also came with hot fix rhinestones so I added those in the same way too. To make sure everything is stuck, wait for it to cool and try to peel them off, if you can start peeling them then they’re not fully stuck yet so iron them a little longer. Another thing that comes with the letters is a tester square so I used the star hole punchers to make some stars and I ironed those on in the same way.

Step 5

Take pictures of your cool new jacket!

This jacket was a super fun little craft project for me although it did only take an evening so now I’m looking for another project😂. The best thing about them is you can customise them to your own taste and use patches of things you like! Let me know in the comments if you’re going to try to make a similar jacket and tag me in your pictures on Instagram (@xemstagramxo)/send them to me on twitter (@strictly_em) if you do make one!

Thanks for reading, Em xo 

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