Liebster Award

Happy September! I’m extremely excited about this post because I was nominated by Paige from Books and Belle to do the Liebster Award – thank you, Paige!

The Liebster Award is an award presented to bloggers by other fellow bloggers, with the pure intention of supporting each other! As part of being nominated, you must answer the eleven questions given by the blogger who kindly nominated you. Then, in turn, nominate eleven more bloggers and leave eleven new questions for them to answer.

My answers to Paige’s questions

1. Do you prefer paperbacks, hardbacks or e-books?
I prefer paperbacks because they’re lighter but I read quite a few books on my tablet too but I like having a page to turn instead of scrolling all the time.
2. Why and when did you start blogging?
I started blogging around the end of June 2017 so I’m still fairly new to it and I’m learning every day. I’ve written a full post about why I started blogging so you can read that here if you’re interested.
3. Who’s your favourite fictional villain? 
Lord Voldemort! But I also love Bellatrix Lestrange too.
4. What was the last book you read, and what did you think of it?
Well, I’m currently reading the Chamber of Secrets for the 2nd time but the last book I full read was 13 Reasons Why and I really enjoyed it and I started reading it after I watched the series but I did prefer the series over the book.
5. Who inspires you the most?
That’s a really hard question. I don’t think I really have an inspiration, I have a few people I look up to but that’s different, isn’t it?
6. If you could spend one day as a character in any book, what book would you choose?
I would love to live in the Harry Potter universe so I guess it would be one of those books but awful things happen in them all so maybe Deathly Hallows but at the end😂.
7. What’s your favourite cereal?
I don’t eat cereal because I don’t like most of them. The only one I like is coco pops but I can’t eat them with milk which everyone thinks is weird but I don’t like milk either😂. I also like rice crispies but only when they’re either covered in marshmallows or chocolate!
8. What’s a book genre that you never read?
Horror – and I don’t plan on reading a horror book anytime soon!
9. Tell us something interesting about yourself
I don’t really think there’s anything interesting about me.
10. If you could be best friends with any fictional character, who would it be?

A fictional book character would probably be Luna Lovegood but if it was TV/Film it would be Alex Russo.

11. What’s a piece of advice you would give to any new bloggers?
I would have to say use Twitter to your advantage to meet bloggers. I didn’t know about this until very recently but #BloggersTribe is a great way to meet bloggers and use the follow threads that are about. That’s how I came across Paige’s blog.

My 11 Questions

1. What’s the first book you remember reading?
2. Who’s your favourite literary hero?
3. If you could meet any fictional character, who would you meet and why?
4. What’s your dream job?
5. What’s your favourite book series?
6. If you could live anywhere, real or fictional place, where would you choose?
7. Do you have any hobbies?
8. What’s your favourite book genre?
9. Which book do you most want to be made into a film that hasn’t been done already?
10. Who’s your favourite author?
11. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since you started blogging?

I Tag

Samantha – Awkward Penguin
Steph – Social Spying
Kerry – Nekokezbeauty
Sima – Style Glint
Joanna – Ginger Snappss
Bridget – Just a Travel Bee
Mari, Ola and Lauren – The Autumn Bookshelf
Don’t feel obligated to do the post and I’m sorry if you’ve been tagged already. I don’t really know many bloggers so I went through my followers and chose some people who didn’t have that many followers to try and help them out a bit. I also chose some people who mentioned that they enjoy reading in their Twitter bios.
Thanks for reading, Em xo
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