National Diving and Activity Centre Chepstow

I’ve wanted to go on a zip wire for so long and on Saturday, it finally happened! We headed up to the National Diving and Activity Centre Chepstow. I’ve never been before and they had so much to do like diving and a giant swing, you can check it out what else they have here.

When we arrived, we went and had a look at the flooded quarry which is what you zip wire over and I saw where the zip wire started and how high it was and I started having second thoughts. It’s 70m high and starts at the edge of a cliff over the quarry which is 80m deep and the slide is 700m long but I decided to do it so we went and signed in. I was originally going to do it by myself but I managed to get my stepdad, Andy to do it with me.

So, after we signed in, we headed up to the cliff and it was such a trek! When we finally got up to the cliff, we got strapped into our harnesses and waited our turn. As the girl was helping me get my harness on, she asked me how I was feeling, I told her scared and then she asked me if I could swim and I said yes and then she said well you’ll be fine then, like that was some kind of reassurance😂.

When it was our turn, we climbed up a ramp to a little tower where the wire starts and then you have to step up onto a big block where they attach you to the wire and that’s absolutely the worst bit. There’s no barrier or anything in front of you, you can just see the quarry and you can’t see the middle of the wire because it starts to blend in with the water which doesn’t help the situation! After I was strapped in, the man told me to sit in the harness and that’s where they make sure you’re in properly and that all the straps are tight enough. Then, he says I’m going to count back from 3, when I say 1 lift your feet off the floor so, that’s what he did and when he says 1 and you lift your feet up, he gives you a push and you’re off!

The zip wire slide was over quite quickly! I don’t actually remember the actual slide bit which is quite annoying so I’d love to do it again now that I know what to expect and take it all in and look around and down at the water etc. I would also maybe wear sunglasses next time because by the end I was wiping away tears because you’re going pretty fast and the wind was just getting in my eyes😂. Below, you can see the video but bare with it, you can’t see us until about halfway through.

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After the slide, we went to the shop to see our pictures and I got mine although I look kind of scared in it but it’s not because of the slide, it’s because there was a big dog wandering about where I was about to get off and I’m terrified of dogs😂.

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After we got my picture, we had lunch in the cafe and sat outside looking over the quarry and watching the giant swing which I’d love a go at next time I go back!

From NDAC, we headed into the town of Chepstow and had a look around in the little shops and then we had some ice cream and made our way down to the river where we sat and had a drink and it was really lovely. The weather was so good, it was super sunny and I had a slush which was so refreshing! Then, we headed back to the car and came home.

It was such a nice day and it was good to do something different! It’s something else I can cross off my bucket list and I would love to do it again! I might rope my friends into going one day😂. I would 100% recommend going to visit the NDAC if you’re ever in the area! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been zip lining and what you think of it!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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2 thoughts on “National Diving and Activity Centre Chepstow

  1. Social Spying says:

    This looks like SO much fun! It has been a while since I last zip-lined. I'd like to give it a try again soon.Sorry about the massive dog at the end. That doesn't sound pleasant (especially if you're scared).I guess you'll just have to do it again!


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