Farewell to Bruce Forsyth

Last week it was announced that Bruce Forsyth had passed away and I was so upset by the news and I’m not going to lie, I cried. As you probably know if you’re a regular reader, I love Strictly and I’ve watched it from the very first series when I was about 8 and I always loved Bruce. I know most people saw him on other shows too but for me, this was the first and only show I saw him present and I always loved him on there so I thought I would show my favourite clips of Bruce from Strictly and a few interviews I’ve seen him do over the years.
Firstly, my absolute favourite thing about Bruce was whenever a couple got a standing ovation he made sure that they noticed and took it all in and I loved that he did that. Sometimes, the couples rush a bit because it’s live TV that they finish their dance and go straight to the judges, probably not taking a second to take in the audience reaction but Bruce always made sure they enjoyed their moment.
Next, I always loved when Brucie used to perform on Strictly. He was a real showman and there aren’t any performers or presenters like him around today. My favourite and most memorable performance was with Anton Du Beke to Me and my Shadow. I love how similar Bruce and Anton are and I really would have loved it if he took over from Bruce when he left the show (although I love Claudia!). So here it is, Bruce and Anton singing Me and My Shadow.

While writing this post I watched a few videos of Brucie and I found this one of his speech after he won a National Television Award and it just shows how grateful he is for everything which I really love.

I also found this video of Bruce performing on Strictly with Anton and Erin and he must have been in his 80s and he still moves with such ease which is just phenomenal for someone of that age!

Another of my favourite clips of Brucie is an interview he did with Michael McIntyre who I also love and towards the end, he *tries* to teach Michael how to tap dance which is so entertaining to watch and the reception he gets when he walks out is just really lovely!

The final clip I want to show of Bruce is this one from his 80th birthday celebrations where some of the couples came and did a dance for Bruce and he made them do even more dancing at the end and I just love the speech he makes for his wife too, you really can see the love between them.

Bruce was loved by so many and everyone has their favourite shows of his and of course mine is Strictly and it was the first real show I watched that wasn’t on a kids channel and he was the presenter for the first 10/11 (I think) years. On Friday after I heard the news about his passing, I posted this to Insta:

Although Bruce hasn’t been on our screens for a little while now, I will really miss the entertainment he brought to everything he did and for that, he’s my favourite. Let me know in the comments what your favourite Brucie memory is.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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