A – Z of Strictly

I absolutely adore Strictly so I thought it would be fun to take you through my Strictly alphabet. I’ve just gone through the alphabet and chosen my favourite thing relating to each letter so let’s get started.
Anton – One of two original pros that are still on Strictly, this year will be his 15th series! He’s had some shall we say… entertaining partners over the years, my favourite being Ann Widdecombe, of course! Let’s take a look at their Samba, keep your eyes peeled at the end when she covers her leggings with her dress – ICONIC
Blackpool – The milestone every couple want to get to, and can you blame them? It’s such a beautiful ballroom and always a highlight of every series! Let’s look at one of last year’s group numbers from the tower!

Craig – Also known as Mr Nasty but he’s not really in real life! This picture was taken at the Strictly tour in 2014 in Birmingham after the show, Craig just happened to be out speaking to some people he knew and I was on my way towards the front to get my picture taken in front of the huge glitter ball when I noticed Craig leaving so I called him (he almost didn’t turn around) and I asked him for a picture and that’s all that happened, I didn’t get to speak to him because he seemed to be in a rush (they did have another show to do as it was a matinee).

Dresses – Strictly has some of the best costumes IN THE WORLD. One of my absolute favourites ever was Susanna Reid’s Foxtrot dress and I actually went to a dress maker to see if I could have one made to wear to my prom but it would have been too expensive *cries*. Below is a collage of my all time favourite strictly dresses.

Excitement – Around August/September every year, my excitement (along with other Strictly fans, I’m sure) starts to build, especially when they start announcing the celebrities one by one! It’s absolutely my favourite time of year and if there’s some event/gathering I need to go to on a Saturday night between September and December then you can guarantee I will not be happy about it and try my hardest to get out of it😂!


Final – The most exciting/sad night of the competition, I both love and hate the final because the for last 4 months, my life has been (even more than usual) Strictly ALL THE TIME and I hate when it ends (can we please have 2 seasons like DWTS?). The last final has been my favourite for a while because… MY FAVOURITES WON!!! This hasn’t happened since Harry Judd won in 2011 so I was SUPER excited and I’m sure if I was on gogglebox when this happened, it 100% would have gone viral! So let’s re-live that wonderful moment now.

Glitter Ball – The glitter ball is the name of the trophy, as you can see in the video above, it’s a ball of glitter😂. Last year, the opening routine of the series was based on ‘Planet Strictly’ which was actually a glitter ball. It’s one of my favourite routines because I think the first half is so funny!
Halloween – The first milestone all the couples want to reach is Halloween (don’t ask me why, personally I hate Halloween) BUT I do love some of the dances it produces and in 2014, two of my favourite things were combined by my the genius, Kevin Clifton and those things are Strictly and Wicked! This dance was just phenomenal and I never get tired of watching it!
Italy – Three big Strictly personalities have come from Italy and they are Vincent Simone, Giovanni Pernice and of course, Bruno Tonioli. Bruno is by far the craziest and in my opinion, he sometimes gets so excited that he doesn’t make his point so I found this clip which shows he actually maybe does know what he’s talking about😂.

Jive – One of my favourite dances (this changes on a regular basis!). I love the speed and the energy the jive has so for this clip I’m taking it back to vintage Strictly for this phenomenal professional jive.

Kevin and Karen – My favourites. I love these two so much, as you probably know if you read my first post which was about their show Kevin and Karen Dance (I also got to meet them!). I love their story, I love watching them dance, I just think they’re incredible so I’ve chosen this dance (which they also performed a little of on their tour) because it also features my other favourite, Joanne!

Len – In honour of this year being the first series without Len, I wanted to include two clips for this one, the first being Len’s best bits through his 14 series and the second is the dance the professionals did in the final for him. I will really miss Len this year and his one liners but I still believe that the show will continue to be incredible.

Movie Week – This is one of my highlights of Strictly because I love a themed week. Movie Week is one of my favourites because I love seeing the concepts the professionals come up with for the film they’ve been given and one of my favourites is Ore and Joanne’s American smooth to Singin’ In The Rain from the film of the same name. Ore was incredible in this dance and it was only week 3! He was so much like Gene Kelly in the film which is why I love it so much.

Natasha and Brendan – The first ever winners of Strictly and, along with Anton, Brendan is the longest serving pro. Honestly, I don’t remember much of series 1 because I was so young (my first memory of Strictly is series two but that’s a story for another day😂). The clip below of two of their dances really shows how the standard of dancing has improved over the years as I’d be surprised if a dance of this level got to the halfway point now!

OMG – Strictly has been full of OMG moments including Ann and Anton (every week😂, Russell Grant being launched from a cannon across Wembley arena, John Sargent dragging Kristina across the floor, along with many more, but this one is one of my absolute favourites.
Professionals – Without this group of phenomenally talented people, Strictly wouldn’t even exist so the professionals had to be on the list! I feel that they are super under-appreciated on Strictly but they’re just incredible. I originally wanted to add the video of last year’s pro dance from the launch show because I love how they announced everyone’s achievements in the dance world BUT I can’t seem to find it anywhere so I’m gutted! So, instead, I’m going to share wit you my favourite pro dance!
Quentin Wilson – The lowest scoring dance ever comes from Quentin Wilson, his cha cha cha from series two scored only 8 points from the judges and that record still hasn’t been broken!
Runner Up – Until last year, my favourite couple has been the runner up for so many series! Here’s a picture of my favourite couples from each series that didn’t win👎.

Showdance – The most exciting dance of every series is the Showdance. This is where the professionals can really show off their choreography skills without having any rules/a type of dance to stick to. For me, there are 2 show dances that are miles ahead of the rest and they are Kellie and Kevin and Ore and Joanne. They are so different from many of the other showdances, Kellie and Kevin’s was the first lindy-hop/Charleston type showdance and the energy was just at 1000000 all the way through. Ore and Joanne’s showdance was so unique because of the section on the drums where they kind of tap danced the rhythm of the song. It really was Joanne at her best because she’s was the world ballroom showdance champion and Ore was the perfect partner for her to really show off what she can do. Other stand-out showdances for me are Caroline and Pasha’s which was the first contemporary dance on the show and Tom and Camilla’s from series 6. It was a very difficult for me to decide which show dance to include so I’m just going to use Kellie’s and Ore’s😂.

Tess and Claudia – I love Tess and Claudia hosting the show because they just complement each other perfectly. Tess is the more serious of the two and Claudia is just bonkers. Here’s a little clip of them talking about hosting the show together.
Under The Sea – I absolutely love it when the celebrities get very into the show and this is one of the most perfect examples. Scott Mills dressed as a crab for Movie week in 2014 and ever since, I think of him everytime I hear the song Under The Sea😂.
Volume – If you’re on Strictly, you can guarantee that you will have very volumized hair at some point. One of the most memorable performances with volumized hair is this Tango from Halloween week by Pixie Lott and Trent.
Winners – I’ve already told you about the runners up so it seems only right that I mention the winners. Below is a picture of my favourite winners (the ones I actually wanted to win in their respective series).

(e)Xperts – Okay, so maybe I cheated with this a bit but I couldn’t think of anything beginning with an X 😂. This letter is dedicated to Karen Hardy who appears on It Takes Two every week giving a run-down on the previous week’s dances. She absolutely knows what she’s talking about having been through the competition herself and is a previous winner.
Yay! – Strictly will be back on our screens VERY soon which is why the letter Y is YAY!!!
Zoe Ball – She came in 3rd in series 3 with her partner Ian Waite and for the last few years she’s presented It Takes Two, the show that brings us all the news and updates from the training rooms as well as interviews with the couples and sometimes the judges. Nothing or nobody else could be the last letter on my list!
And there you have it, my A – Z of Strictly. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Thanks for reading, Em xo
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