Review: Afternoon Tea at The Deck

Review: Afternoon Tea at The Deck

On Thursday I went for afternoon tea in The Deck in Cardiff Bay and today I’m going to tell you about it. My mam took me as a treat for my graduation because I wanted to go on the day of my graduation. As my ceremony was in the afternoon, it would have been closed by the time we got there.

About The Afternoon Tea

It costs £18 per person and you get 6 sandwiches, 2 scones, 2 brownies, a cupcake of your choice and some fruit. The sandwiches come on a mixture of brown and white bread and there are 4 different types of sandwiches which are:
  • ham
  • cheese and cucumber
  • egg mayonnaise
  • brie and cranberry.
You also get as much jam and cream as you can squeeze onto your scone and unlimited tea! If you’re fussy like me, you can have another drink instead of tea and you can get all white bread if you prefer. When I went for my birthday, we had extra ham sandwiches instead of brie and cranberry and plain cheese sandwiches.
This time, I actually forgot to take a picture of the stand so I’ve added a picture of my birthday afternoon tea which was for 4 people.

The Deck has the best selection and the best-tasting cupcakes EVER. I’ve had both the Nutella cupcake and the cookies and cream cupcake and they were both delicious!

The Deck

The atmosphere in the cafe is so lovely, the afternoon tea is actually called vintage tea so they have 1920s style music on which is super nice. One of my favourite things about The Deck is Debra who is in charge (and she makes all the incredible cakes!)
Debra is one of the nicest people and she makes sure everything is okay and you’re enjoying. It was also really nice that she remembered me this time as I haven’t been back since February.

I would 100% recommend going to The Deck if you’re in South Wales, either for afternoon tea or just for a cupcake, they’re well worth it! They also do other food but I haven’t had anything other than afternoon tea but I’m sure it’s all delicious! I can’t wait for my next trip to The Deck (hopefully it will be soon!).

If you want to read more about The Deck or just want a look at their amazing cupcakes, you can follow them at these links:

I should also say, this post was NOT sponsored, I just wanted to tell you all about a lovely little cafe.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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