My 5 Favourite Things In My Room

Today I’m going to show you my 5 favourite things in my room. I’m very lucky to have some really pretty things which I love and I have a few collections I’m excited to show you!

1. My Snow Globe Collection

I’ve been collecting snow globes for as long as I can remember. Mostly, I collect from places I’ve been and my dad usually buys me one if he goes away to somewhere new (hence the ones from America). I’ve also had some from my mam when she’s gone on holiday without me. Some of the places I’ve collected them from are London, Chicago, New York, Madrid, Cologne and Mauritius which might actually be my favourite because it lights up but I love them all so much, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

2. My Campervan Collection

I absolutely LOVE VW camper vans and I’ve got a small collection of camper van themed items including toys, a mug, money boxes, even a camper van snow globe (which you can see in the snow globe picture). I’ve also got three canvases and 2 cushions with camper vans on which don’t fit on my little shelf.

3. My DVD Shelf

I’ve got a bookshelf full of DVDs, there’s literally no more for anymore (which is good because I don’t really buy any now) but it’s not the DVDs I like on the shelves, it’s the little decorations. I’ve got a picture frame that I made for my graduation, a jar of artificial flowers in my three favourite colours (pink, yellow and orange) and a light-up letter E. I just think it’s such a cute little area and I love everything on it.

4. My Harry Potter Collection

Over the last 6/7 years, I’ve really fallen in love with Harry Potter. When I was younger I didn’t really like it (it was too scary😂) but now I’m obsessed with it. I’ve got so many Harry Potter themed things like books, puzzles and games that I thought they should be displayed. At the moment, my Chamber of Secrets book is missing because I’m re-reading the series. I’m slowly growing my collection with my World of Wizardry subscription boxes and my things from Primark’s Harry Potter range!

5. My Cork Board

I keep a cork board with my favourite things on above my desk. I have leaflets from shows I’ve seen/will be seeing (I have to wait until November for Collabro😔), birthday cards from my friend Kayleigh because they always make me smile, a card my sister made me along with my name in lights. It’s one of my favourite things because the lights always make my room feel super cosy in the winter (I’ve got loads more fairy lights too which help, not just those little ones😂).

And there you go, that’s my 5 favourite things in my room. Have you got any collections like me? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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