What’s In My Bag: Graduation Edition

Today I’ll be telling you What’s In My Bag: Graduation Edition. My bag was so small so I only took the essentials.
Firstly, here’s my bag:

It’s from Forever 21 (I couldn’t find this one but click here for a similar one). I bought it to go to Lake Garda back in May and I thought it would be perfect for Graduation because of its size as I didn’t want to take a lot with me.

I’ve had this for a few years ago for Christmas (I think it’s from Avon but I don’t think they still do it). I really love the smell of this and it’s Strictly perfume so obviously, it’s my favourite!


I always need plasters because most of my shoes rub my feet and I often get blisters but luckily, I didn’t need these but it’s always better to be safe!

Lip Stick

This is my favourite Lip Stick because it stays on for so long! It’s from ColourPop which sadly isn’t available in the UK 👎 so I got mine from eBay last Summer. This particular one is from the Lippie Stix variety and the shade is Night Owl. It goes on super easy too and it tastes like vanilla!

Hair Clips

Beforehand, everyone was telling me to take hair clips to graduation to keep the cap on and I’m so glad I listened! It felt super uncomfortable and like it would fall off at any second so I used these to pin it to my head and it felt so much better!

Safety Pins

This is another thing people kept telling me to take and again, I’m so glad I listened! I used these to pin the gown to my dress to keep it from sliding off. I saw so many pictures of people graduating before me and their gowns were all wonky and I really didn’t want that to happen to me and it didn’t, thanks to these!

Well, that’s everything I had in my graduation bag. Next week I’ll be sharing what’s in my everyday bag. I hope anyone who’s going to graduate finds this helpful! What else do you want me to write about? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading, Em xo
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