Lake Garda

Trip to Lake Garda

In today’s post, I will be telling you what I got up to on my holiday to Lake Garda last month. I went with my mam, step-dad and my brother and we stayed in the town of Garda. Garda is pretty central to the places we visited and there are some beautiful little towns around Garda which are pictured below. I can’t remember specifically where each picture is but they’re all either in Garda, Bardolino or Malcesine.


The most exciting day for me was our trip to Verona. I have wanted to go there for years and it finally happened and I loved it. It’s one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever been to. We went around on two open top buses because it was so hot. They’re a great way to see a place while also staying a bit cool. My favourite thing was seeing Juliet’s balcony from the story of Romeo and Juliet but I was a bit disappointed you couldn’t go onto the balcony and look down (I saw this in Letters to Juliet so I thought you could do it😂).

Movie Land/Garda Land

Another day, we went to Movie Land and a water park (but I don’t have pictures of the water park). There was so much to do in Movie Land, they had shows, rides and simulations to name a few. The water park was amazing, it was around 30 degrees, maybe more and it was the best way to cool off, the only problem was the floor was so hot and you couldn’t wear shoes because you couldn’t wear them on the slides so you had to walk in a pool whenever you could (which wasn’t often). But the slides were so fun!

The Lake

One thing you should know about me is that I’m TERRIFIED of snakes, well any reptiles but snakes… I can’t even😓. Like I’ve said, we went to Lake Garda which means there was a lake (obviously). You could swim in the lake BUT there were snakes in there which I didn’t really think about. Nobody had seen any in the 3 days we were there before going in the lake. We spent most of one day by the lake, swimming (or floating in my case) in the lake to stay cool.

Later that evening, my step-dad told us (my mam is terrified too) that he saw a snake in the lake (he saw about another 3 before we went home but thankfully I didn’t see any or I probably would have died). This meant that I spent only one day in the lake, I wouldn’t even walk next to it after that day. I stayed as far away as possible, I wouldn’t even go and sit on the beach area just in case I saw one.

We spent a week in Garda but I would advise anyone who was going there not to stay for a week. Four days would probably be enough. I would also suggest staying in Bardolino and visiting Garda as there was more in Bardolino. It’s very easy to go from one town to the next either by bus or by walking but it’s about a 1.5km walk from Garda to Bardolino. I would also highly recommend going to Verona and also Malcesine which had little winding streets and some cute little shops. If I ever went back to this area, I would do 4 days and stay in Verona then travel to the smaller towns. Have you ever been to Lake Garda? What did you think?

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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