Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Reactions

Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Reactions

Last night, the Pretty Little Liars finale aired and Pretty Little Liars aired for the last time EVER 😭 BUT on a positive note, we know EVERYTHING (well not everything – HOW DID THE WINE MOMS ESCAPE?) (this will also be mentioned again later). In this post, I’ll be talking about my standout bits of the finale. P.S there WILL be spoilers in this post!

Alex Drake

The biggest thing we learned was that Spencer’s twin, Alex Drake, is AD. It’s been almost 12 hours since I finished watching the episode and I’m still not sure how I feel about this… I love Alex as a character and think she was so funny and her accent was just amazing! Troian did an incredible job playing such different characters but I wish AD was someone we had known from the start. I was hoping for Melissa or a parent and I was also still holding out hope for Maya to be alive but we did get her niece (super random). One other thing is wish we could have seen more of Alex in earlier episodes because she was so interesting!


The second thing we learned was that Wren had a big involvement with AD and I know many predicted that he would be AD and I really didn’t want him to be involved AT ALL because I love him so much but I actually like how he fits in with everything (and it explains the weird airport scene from a few weeks ago). The only thing about Wren that I don’t understand is why he had to die and how he died, presumably, Alex killed him but WHY? Also, he is the father of Emily and Alison’s twins (yes, MORE twins) Grace and Lily (adorable names) but why were they so blonde? Emily is clearly not blonde AT ALL and neither is Wren so that doesn’t make any sense to me.

The Wine Moms

My favourite thing from the episode though was that the wine moms were back (minus my fave Pam, I mean, she was there but she wasn’t a wine mom in this episode). I thought we were going to find out how they got out when they started talking about the basement BUT of course, we didn’t. For me, that’s a bigger mystery than the A/AD storylines combined.

The Ending

I’m so glad that it ended with all the girls happy and everyone (almost) was with who they belong with. My faves, HALEB are married and expecting a baby (it would be the cutest baby EVER). Ezria got married, Spoby are back together and then there’s Emison… I’ve never been a fan of this relationship and I don’t understand it. I am FOREVER an EMAYA shipper! I really REALLY hoped she was alive since we found out she died in season 2 (RIP).

My biggest problem with the episode was the ending. Yes, it was nice to go full circle with the sleepover and the ‘I think I heard her scream’ etc but it just was stupid. The episode should have ended with Mona in her little shop with Alex and Mary (why was nobody looking for her? She was an escaped prisoner). It was so fitting because Mona was the original A and one of the best characters. I’m still not sure if she was bad, good, crazy or what but that’s what I love about her.

Overall, I’m super happy with how the series ended (I really hope they don’t do a spin-off with ‘find Addison’ or whatever because it would be terrible) and I’m so glad I can go back to my pre-PLL life and not spend my time searching the Internet for clues and theories.


Thanks for reading, Em xo

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