Kevin and Karen Live 2017

Kevin and Karen Dance Tour

Welcome to my first post! This one had to be dedicated to my favourite thing/people! On the 18th June 2017, I saw Kevin and Karen Dance, the first live tour of Kevin and Karen Clifton and it was AMAZING!

Before The Show

We arrived in Birmingham a bit earlier so we went for a walk around and stumbled upon the BBC Birmingham studios where they had three dresses from Strictly Come Dancing (my all time FAVOURITE show!) and it was amazing to see them up close.

We then went to see inside the studios just to see if we could find any more dresses (we didn’t) BUT we did find a judges desk with some paddles just like on the TV.

After this, we made our way over to Symphony Hall to see the show. It tells the story of Kevin and Karen’s life, how they got into dancing, how they met and how they got their jobs on Strictly. It was packed full of dancing and some funny stories. One of my favourite dances was to Empire State of Mind which was beautiful. Another memorable dance was a paso doble to Roxanne. I always call Kevin the paso king because he always choreographs the most incredible paso dobles. This dance had the audience on their feet and Kevin and Karen overwhelmed with the response which was lovely to see.

After the show ended, we waited at the stage door to meet them AND WE DID! But I also met my other favourite dancer, Joanne Clifton (Kev’s sister) and Gorka Marquez who was part of the cast.


This was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and one of the best days of my life! I would highly recommend anyone to go and see Kevin and Karen Dance when they tour again!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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