Harry Potter Primark Haul

Welcome to my second ever Primark haul! I’m excited about this one because it’s ALL Harry Potter products! I’ve wanted lots of these products for months since I saw Harry Potter Primark haul videos on Youtube and now they have finally made their way to Cardiff. So, let’s get straight into this haul!

Cauldron Mug

I adore this mug! I don’t drink tea or coffee so it’s purely for decoration and it looks lovely on my Harry Potter shelf which is now full so I need to expand it! I love the gold/rose gold crest, I think it looks so good with the black.


I love this bunting. Each section has a different house on it and it’s one of the few things that include all of the houses so everyone is happy. So much of the Harry Potter things in Primark only come in Gryffindor, a few Slytherin and then Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff if you’re lucky. I’m a Hufflepuff so there isn’t that much about for me.

Christmas Decoration

Yes, I know Christmas is over so what was the point in getting this? It wouldn’t fit on my little tree even if I did want to hang it but like the mug, I got it purely for decoration. It’s currently sitting in my big cauldron mug that I got for Christmas from a different Harry Potter shop. I love the bauble because it combines three of my favourite things: Harry Potter, Christmas and sparkles! And… not just any sparkles… HOLO SPARKLES! For those of you who don’t know, holo is short for holographic and I’m OBSESSED with it!

Door Sign

So, this was an odd thing to get because I don’t have a door to hang it on but I really love it! I love the ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’ so I just threw it in my basked with no regrets. I’ll find somewhere for it!

Ministry of Magic Sign

I literally can’t wait until I have my own place so that I can hang this up over my toilet! I currently still live with my parents and there’s no way my mam would let me put this sign in the toilet and my brother would probably break it anyway. For now, I’ll have to just hang it up somewhere in my room.

Coaster Set

Again, this is another one I’ll have to keep until I have my own place! I’m thinking about turning my bedroom into a Harry Potter themed room so I might put these in a frame and display them.


Even though I had a pair of Harry Potter pyjamas for Christmas, I still picked these up. I love the pyjamas in Primark and that’s mostly where I get mine from now. I love the colours on these PJs and I love Quidditch so these are perfect!

Wand Pen

Apologies for the quality of this picture but I couldn’t get a tidy one. This is a pen that looks like a wand and I love it. I’m always losing pens so you can never have too many!

That’s the end of my Harry Potter Primark haul, this is the second Harry Potter post of this year so if you missed my previous post where I unboxed the World of Wizardry December Geek Gear subscription box, you can read that here. As I mentioned in that post, my next post will be a Geek Gear World of Wizardry Haul so check back for that on Saturday (9am UK time).

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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