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Welcome to another edition of Blogger Love! Today, the blogger I will be spotlighting is one of my best friends, Abigail from AbigailMurrayox which you can read find here. I ask everyone who wants to be featured in Blogger Love to answer a few questions so that we can get to know them and their blog and I’m excited for you all to get to know Abigail a little better!

Tell us a bit about you and your blog.

My name is Abigail and I mainly post girly things that I’m interested in. I am becoming a Teacher and work at schools at the moment. I post things like routines, storytimes and reviews.

Why did you start blogging?

I’ve actually written a post about this but long story short is that I enjoy writing and having my own little part of the internet to voice my opinions and to get out of the real world for a moment.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Like I said in the answer above its somewhere where I can be myself and have my own space to be vocal. Another thing I love about blogging is reading other peoples blogs and getting to know them too and becoming friends (which is something I’m hoping to do a lot more this year).

What’s your least favourite thing about blogging?

My grammar, this is something I’ve always struggled with. Proofreading is needed when I’m writing on my laptop, I get into my own world and keep typing when half of it doesn’t make sense so this is something I’m improving this year and am actually studying an English course at the moment in University to improve it.

Tell us about your favourite blog post.

My favourite post at the moment and the one I’m most proud of is probably my most recent ‘Back to Work Routine’. I worked hard on this post and used my goals and aims for this year to improve the way I write and use images in posts and I personally am so excited to keep improving this year.

Describe your blog in three words.

Girly, Pink and Growing.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

I work as a supply teacher which is quite interesting because I get to see many different schools and classrooms and see different ways of teaching children. When I’m not working I’m usually with my fiance, we’ve been together for over 4 years and hopefully will be buying a house soon and will be posting about that very soon!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably Pasta, I love pasta and there’s all kinds of pasta and things you can make with it.

What would be your perfect day?

Not having to worry about anything, everything just going smoothly and spending it with my loved ones. (I love spending time with my family and friends.)

What’s your top tip for getting traffic to your blog?

If I knew id tell you but honestly I just write posts that I enjoy writing/reading and hope that others enjoy reading them too. I do use some blogger ‘#’s on Twitter, these help too because there is a lovely community of bloggers on twitter and they’re welcoming to everyone.

I hope you all got to know Abigail a little more through this post. Don’t forget to check out her blog here. Thank you so much, Abigail for answering those questions for me! If you want to follow Abigail on social media, you can do so through the links below:


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Thanks for reading, Em xo

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